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Opinion: Southgate needs to wait for Rashford and Kane

Rashford, Kane
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Ahead of the UEFA Euro 2020, Gareth Southgate has to wait as long as possible for Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford. 

England manager Gareth Southgate revealed recently that there is a chance Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford might not make it to the Euro 2020. To those who are not keeping track of the situation. Harry Kane injured himself right after Jose Mourinho arrived at Tottenham Hotspur as the new manager.

A complicated hamstring injury that will keep him out of the game for more than three months. These types of injuries require surgery and take a while to heal. Marcus Rashford’s problem is also very serious. The Manchester United star suffered a low back problem that can become even more dangerous if it’s not taken care of in due time.

When he suffered the issue, Rashford was given a couple of months to return to full fitness. However, this problem has complicated even further in recent weeks. Lower back issues in high-performance athletes tend to be quite bothersome.

This isn’t something that gets better with only physical therapy or rest. There are instances in which surgery is often required. Marcus Rashford’s problem escalated to this level, but it remains serious nonetheless. Both of these players are considered crucial in Gareth Southgate’s plans ahead of the Euro 2020. 

Who are their ideal replacements? 

Even if both players recover from their problems a month before the Euro 2020. There is no guarantee that they will be fully fit to play the competition in due time. This poses a major threat to their spot on the squad. Gareth Southgate knows that he needs a contingency plan to replace both players.

However, the two of them are considered to be the best English offensive players at the moment. There are very good options to replace them. But none of them are as good as Kane or Rashford when they are at their best. Perhaps the Manchester United star will be slightly easier to replace due to the nature of his position inside the pitch.

Having players like Raheem Sterling or Jadon Sancho is a huge boost for Southgate. Since Marcus plays as a winger more than a striker, both of these players can perform well. The major issue comes when the gaffer needs to find an ideal replacement for the Tottenham Hotspur striker.

As of right now, there isn’t a footballer who can do what the captain does on the pitch. Also, there aren’t many players in the world who have the same level of leadership. 

Vardy is no longer an option. 

The current season started very well for Jamie Vardy. The Leicester City player was at the top of the goal-scoring table for quite some time. When the second half of the season started, something halted his progression. Jamie is not the same player he was just before Christmas.

He isn’t scoring the same number of goals and he isn’t running as fast as he was. Manager Brendan Rodgers doesn’t know how to recover this very important asset for his squad. Vardy was supposed to be Harry Kane’s replacement for the Three Lions, but that’s out of the window now.

The remaining options are Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham, Everton’s Dominic Calvert-Lewin, and Southampton’s Danny Ings. But let’s be real. Nobody can replace the Spurs’ star. The best option for Southgate will be to start praying for a good recovery ahead of the summer competition.

The English National Team was supposed to be one of the tournament’s title contenders. Without Rashford and Kane, not so much. 

Who is more important for England, Rashford or Kane? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.