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Opinion: Spurs is Mourinho’s last chance to return to form

Jose Mourinho, Tottenham
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Due to how terrible his previous experiences were as a manager, we believe that Spurs is Mourinho’s last chance for a revival.

Call us crazy but we think Mourinho is getting one of his last chances to return to form at Spurs, he might not get another one after this.

There are pros and cons that we are about to talk about with Jose’s most recent challenge as a manager.

When he took on this new job, he may have done it after carefully analyzing what he was getting himself into.

However, there is also a major possibility that Jose didn’t have that many attractive offers to choose from.

The last three experiences as a coach weren’t that successful if you ask us, he did win titles but things didn’t end well anywhere for him.

In his first-ever press conference as the new Spurs’ coach, he was questioned about his previous clubs and how much he loved coaching them.

In an attempt to possibly leave the door open for future opportunities, Jose claimed that he will always be part of all the clubs he represented in the past.

But he especially sent some love to Florentino Perez, the Real Madrid president who attempted to sign him again a couple of times.

This is where things get a little complicated, as Mourinho must be aware that Tottenham Hotspur is one of his last chances to earn back the prestige he lost at Manchester United.

It’s not a coincidence he was sacked from his last three jobs, and he needed some time to regroup in order to form a new strategy.

The first changes he made were on his technical staff, many of the people he had for many years at his former clubs didn’t come back for this new adventure.

Jose Mourinho believes he needed to make some important modifications, which can be part of this new strategy.

We won’t see if the changes he made will work until a few weeks from today, when his staff has more time to train with the players.

Another aspect of Mourinho’s old ways that he needs to change is the approach to all his players.

The treatment he gave to many of the footballers he coached was outdated, he can’t just come after the ones who are more technology-savvy.

The Portuguese manager needed to learn his lesson with Paul Pogba, the French player who was the reason for all his headaches at Manchester United.

During their time together, the biggest problems they had came because the World Cup champion refused to drop his social media persona in order to focus on his club 100%.

Mourinho kept coming after him by saying that players from the new generation needed to learn from the players who were stars in the past.

But all of these attacks were never a two-way stream, Mourinho failed to single out the mistakes he made. 

Tottenham might be the perfect fit for Mourinho.

We’ve talked about this before, Jose Mourinho might be a perfect fit for Tottenham Hotspur and vice-versa.

The Portuguese manager was way more successful when he coached clubs that weren’t under constant pressure.

He won the UEFA Champions League with FC Porto when he started his managerial career.

He also took dominance from Manchester United and Arsenal when he started coaching Chelsea.

And finally, he won the treble at Internazionale Milano during FC Barcelona’s most prolific era in football history.

To those who refute that Inter is a big club, just look at the other Italian squads’ accolades and tell me how close the Nerazzurri are to their counterparts.

When Jose took control of that squad, he knew that he had a limited roster and he made miracles with what he had to work with.

Tottenham Hotspur has all the right ingredients for Jose Mourinho’s skills to flourish, all he needs is complete compliance from every single player he has.

This will be the Portuguese manager’s final chance to return to his glory days, another failure could endanger his career for good. 

Can Jose Mourinho win titles at Tottenham Hotspur? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.