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Opinion: Stop comparing Gareth Bale with Dembele

Gareth Bale, Dembele
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It’s time to debunk another senseless comparison, people should stop comparing Gareth Bale with Ousmane Dembele. 

When it comes to comparisons, the one between Gareth Bale and Ousmane Dembele is just stupid. There have been charts and memes going around the internet where they are being compared. The starting point is how much both of them get injured, which is very often.

Several Spanish news outlets started drawing comparisons due to how much time they missed with their clubs. Let’s look at the numbers and see if they are right, you might be surprised by the outcome.

Gareth Bale arrived at Real Madrid during the summer of 2013, €10 million more expensive than Cristiano Ronaldo. Since then, the Welshman already missed over 80 matches in 6 and a half seasons. That racks up to 430 days of inactivity.

There have been several injuries that Bale suffered during this period of time, which is not good. However, the performance results he has over those six years are still incredible.

From the very first season he arrived at Real Madrid, Gareth was important for the club. During his first year, he helped Los Blancos win the UEFA Champions League by scoring one of the winning goals in the final. 

Dembele pales in comparison with Bale. 

Although it’s true that Gareth Bale has been injured for more than a year in total, he is also a very prolific player regardless. The man helped Los Blancos win another 3 UEFA Champions League trophies. He scored three goals in finals and didn’t cost as much as Dembele.

When we look at the Frenchman, things take a very wild turn against his case. Ousmane arrived in the summer of 2017, he’s been out of the game for a steep 330 days. So far, all this player racked up are several muscular injuries.

There hasn’t been too much Dembele has done in order to help Barcelona win more trophies. And get this, his price was €145 million. We are talking €41 million more expensive than Gareth, this comparison is completely wrong.

Even though we come after the Welshman often, we do it only through constructive criticism. But we need to give credit where credit is due, Gareth Bale doesn’t deserve this insult by comparing him to a player who hasn’t proven anything yet. When Ousmane gets to score a bicycle kick goal in a Champions League final, then we’ll talk about this. 

Dembele will miss the rest of the season.

Another point of comparison where Gareth is superior is the recovery process both players have after injuring themselves. Despite spending a long time trying to get back on the pitch, Bale tends to return to form almost immediately. Whereas Dembele hasn’t been able to remain consistent at the club since he arrived.

Every time we see the French forward on the pitch, we like what we see but he keeps falling injured for some reason. Gareth is very different, he has way more experience and he knows how valuable he can be. So please, we beg you.

Stop trying to compare these two footballers only because they get injured on a regular basis. Dembele would dream of having the career that Gareth Bale has completed until now. It’s unfair for the Barcelona star and utterly disrespectful for the Welshman. Perhaps you didn’t think we would defend Gareth from this injustice, but we like to think we can be impartial sometimes. 

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