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Opinion: Stop comparing Rodrygo to Cristiano Ronaldo

Rodrygo Goes
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It seems unnecessary but, we need to beg football personalities to stop comparing Rodrygo to Cristiano Ronaldo as soon as possible. 

Here we go again, we knew that comparisons between Rodrygo Goes and Cristiano Ronaldo were coming.

The young Brazilian talent surprised the world of football last Wednesday after scoring that perfect UEFA Champions League hat-trick.

His display against Galatasaray was simply spectacular, it showed us a side of him that the world needed to experience.

Rodrygo shows qualities that other Real Madrid young talents haven’t been able to prove (we are looking at you, Vinicius!).

The former Santos man scored those three goals and provided an assists with only 18 years of age, it was obvious that the world would go crazy about him.

But as we always tell the people who start hyping players like this too soon, we need to let him savor his career step by step without any added pressure.

Having the weight of the Real Madrid sigil should be enough for him to take during his first season in Spanish football.

If we start comparing him to some of the greatest players in Los Blancos’ history, we are definitely not doing him any favors.

Also, comparing him with Neymar can also be regarded as premature because he is too young for this type of pressure. 

Rivaldo doesn’t seem to get the picture. 

Perhaps this is a tactic in order to benefit FC Barcelona, which is the club he loves. But Rivaldo just talked about Rodrygo’s performance against Galatasaray and did exactly what we advised not to do.

“Rodrygo can take Real Madrid to the same level they had with Cristiano Ronaldo.”

“He’s been an important part of a great Real Madrid in the victory against Galatasaray. He is helping the team reach that same level from a few years back”, said Rivaldo on Betfair.

“He is already starting to earn his right to get a spot in the starting eleven. The confidence Zidane is giving him is important in his growth as a player who just started his career in Europe.”

“Plus, he is a complete player. He has the skill, quality, and capability to score many goals. He has the great advantage to play at a club like Real Madrid and be part of the team at such an early age.”

“His goals were witnessed by the whole country of Brazil, and manager ‘Tite’ as well. The Brazil national team’s manager was also looking, this means that we could soon watch him in the ‘Canarinha’ as a regular,” he added. 

This is exactly what we mean by our initial premise, Rodrygo’s path should be left alone as it only just began.

Unfortunately, the young Brazilian player has the disadvantage of playing in Spain.

La Liga is a cruel place where the local sports press is ruthless against every single player, especially the ones who are in the spotlight more often.

Scoring this perfect hat-trick will be regarded as a perfect opportunity for all the critics to follow his every move from now on.

They will come at him after he makes the smallest mistake, and they will try to take him down without thinking that he is just a kid.

This is how the Spanish press works, this is where things could get tricky for Rodrygo. All he needs to do in order to understand what we mean, is look at the way in which Vinicius Junior has been treated by the press.

Despite having a tremendous dribbling talent, the former Flamengo player was heavily criticized for his aim in front of the goal.

These criticisms weren’t taken very well by the youngster, they affected him in a terrible manner and he still hasn’t recovered from them.

Rodrygo needs to be surrounded by a group of people that can protect him from this criticism, but he also needs to feel that protection from unwanted praise. 

Where do you see Rodrygo five years from now as a footballer in Europe? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.