Opinion: Stop comparing Takefusa Kubo with Lionel Messi

After his great Copa America performance with Japan, Take Kubo has been compared with Lionel Messi too much. This needs to stop.

Not even Takefusa Kubo himself likes being compared with Lionel Messi, the Japanese sensation who is still a teenager is a very good young player.

His display in the latest Copa America with his national team has been truly inspiring, he carried his teammates throughout the competition.

Although it may be true there are some similarities between the new Real Madrid player and the Argentina captain, the media is doing Kubo a major disservice by comparing him with Leo this early in his career.

Not even the player himself likes these comparisons, as he recently tried to move away from them as far as possible.

Although Japan wasn’t able to qualify to the Copa America’s next round, they did have an important participation against Uruguay and Ecuador.

The Asian squad did lose 4-0 against Chile in the opening match but they quickly got back on their feet.

People would’ve thought that Takefusa Kubo would shy away from the challenge of playing the competition with a starring role, but he actually responded well under pressure.

There were several great moments in which we could all see why Real Madrid decided to sign him from FC Barcelona.

The Catalan club only offered him a contract of €250,000 per season, Los Blancos offered him €1,5 million and convinced him to change his allegiance.

After he comes back from a well-deserved holiday, Take Kubo will come back to Madrid with even more great news.

The Japanese player impressed Zinedine Zidane so much, that Diario AS reported the French manager decided to take him on the summer tour to the United States during the rest of the summer.

Take Kubo will be under Raul Gonzalez Blanco’s command at Real Madrid Castilla, he will share the dressing room with Brazilian Rodrygo Goes.

However, Zidane could change his mind and make him a player for the first squad soon enough if he has a great pre-season.

The comparisons with Lionel Messi are obvious because he played for Barcelona and he does have a similar style of play.

The problem here is that not even Kubo himself likes to be compared with the Argentine.

Barcelona, Real Madrid, La Liga

There’s already a new date for El Clasico

The match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, known as El Clasico, will be played in December, but both clubs have to still accept the new date.

The Japanese player spoke to the press right after playing against Uruguay, the match in which Japan got a 2-2 draw.

The press asked him about the nickname of ‘Japanese Messi’ that he was given, Kubo doesn’t like it.

“I don’t like being compared to a player as great as Messi, but I will keep working hard,” said Kubo in perfect Spanish.

These comparisons can affect a player’s psyche.

Throughout history, there have been several players who tend to be compared with some of the best players who ever lived.

In most instances, these comparisons can be very harmful to players who don’t take adulation very well.

In order to remain grounded as a professional footballer, the player in question needs to keep a cool head and not believe what people say about him.

Kubo must focus on his own career and about making a name for himself.

The press is not helping him by making these comparisons, they can only affect him on a deep level if he doesn’t manage to live with them every day.

Real Madrid did make a fantastic signing when they closed the deal for Takefusa Kubo, but they need to be careful with the way they carry his career.

We are sure that Zinedine Zidane will play a major role in Kubo’s development, just as much as Raul will play one too.

If the club plays its cards well, they could have a truly great player in their hands.

We can’t forget that Real Madrid is currently a team under construction and they need all the talent they can get from all around the world.

Do you agree with the comparisons Kubo is getting with Lionel Messi? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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