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Opinion: Terrible injury fortune keeps coming after Neymar

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With his latest injury for Brazil, Neymar keeps racking up the terrible luck he’s had over the last two years. He’ll be out for another 4 weeks.

Neymar’s terrible injury fortune can’t seem to let him catch a break, the Brazil man suffered a fresh injury that will keep him away from the pitch for another four weeks.

In our estimates, this fresh setback will bring him to a total of 352 days without playing a single minute since he left FC Barcelona for PSG.

Imagine you pay millions for a Ferrari that you can’t even use because it’s always at the shop getting fixed, this is exactly how the PSG Sheik must feel.

We are not putting Neymar’s quality as a player in question, we are simply stating the obvious.

The French giants made the worst investment in their history, and they really can’t do much against it because it is out of their control.

Those 352 days without competition are just a few days shy off a full year of playing football, Neymar must be extremely frustrated after this new problem.

The PSG star began the season on the right foot, he went back to his best form almost immediately.

Believe it or not, there is actually a good side to this whole mess that almost nobody is taking into consideration.

Despite all this terrible luck, we will tell you why Neymar shouldn’t be that disappointed with his latest injury problem that he suffered while playing for Brazil.

The upside to Neymar’s drama.

Even though he will be out for at least a month, Neymar shouldn’t be that worried about this fresh injury blow.

The simple answer to this, is that a muscular problem is not that serious. If we compare the last two injuries that Neymar suffered before this one, we can already tell they were more serious.

A muscular injury is not the same as a bone injury, the ankle and metatarsal problems Neymar suffered were extremely bad.

One could even say that those two injuries threatened his career, which is why he left the pitch while crying when he suffered them.

In this latest case, Neymar was visibly angry but he wasn’t nearly as upset. The Brazilian player knows that all he needs is to recover his muscle tissue and he will be back in top shape after that.

We are all aware that this new problem he suffered is not what PSG’s officials like, but they must also feel relieved that those two bone problems didn’t escalate.

The key time frame that they needed to see if their player didn’t relapse was fortunately passed with no major issues.

Now they need to worry about Neymar’s psychological state, which is also very important in order to get him to the best possible form.

Now that the fears about further ankle or metatarsal issues are gone, they know that muscular problems are a possibility.

The next four weeks will be critical for Neymar’s recovery process, they need to adjust his nutrition and physical therapy in order to get the best result out of this period.

We will start looking at the star going into the new process more carefully, they will need to keep a close eye on one of their stars over the next few weeks.

The club just released a detailed statement about the extent of Neymar’s injury, they even revealed how long he will be out of the pitch.

It won’t be easy for Neymar to continue his rise to the top, this new setback has to be stressful for the player but mostly for his club.

This is one of the biggest downsides to international breaks, all the clubs risk their best players when they lend them to their respective national teams.

“Neymar Jr: an MRI scan on Thursday afternoon confirmed a Grade 2 lesion to his left hamstring,” wrote PSG on their official website.

“Another assessment will be made in eight days, but initial estimates put his return to competition at four weeks, depending on how the injury progresses.”

We will keep you informed about the recovery process that unlucky Neymar will go through over the next four weeks.

The Brazilian is expected to miss the next two UEFA Champions League matches against Club Brugge, but he is expected to return for the crucial match against Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

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