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Opinion: The biggest misconception about Manchester City

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There is a general misconception about Manchester City being portrayed as one of the clubs that spend the most transfer money on players.

Manchester City is one of the most expensive clubs in the world, but there is a general misconception about them that it’s frankly unfair.

The English club that is currently managed by Pep Guardiola and presided by Khaldoon Al Mubarak, is nowhere near the expenses that other clubs make.

There has always been criticism against this club for allegedly spending too much money on the transfer market.

However, the amounts of money they have spent on players over the last decade are nowhere close to other clubs.

Since Sheik Mansour took control of the squad back in 2008, the Citizens haven’t spent more than €80 million for one player.

The record for the most expensive footballer was Real Madrid’s back then, they paid €75 million for Zinedine Zidane back in 2001.

After Manchester City got the new owners, Los Blancos were the ones who broke the market again by buying Cristiano Ronaldo for €93 million.

The Citizens have never been interested in buying the most expensive players on the market.

They certainly haven’t paid small amounts for their best players, but they have always kept a standard in order to never hurt the market flow.

The era of success finally came to Manchester City.

After so many years of trying and over a decade of investments, Manchester City can finally say that they are a successful club.

Granted, they have spent over a billion euros in the last decade but they have never abused the market as other clubs probably did.

We can’t help but think about how Paris Saint-Germain changed everything back in 2017 after buying Neymar from FC Barcelona.

But Real Madrid still remains as the biggest threat for the market, Los Blancos are willing to pay as much as they need in order to renew their roster.

The recent comments from La Liga president criticizing clubs like Manchester City, weren’t well received by the Manchester City chairman.

Javier Tebas spoke about the Citizens abusing the market when they are not even the English club who has spent the most money for a single player.

Khaldoon Al Mubarak spoke about Tebas’ criticism and deemed him a hypocrite because he essentially managed a duopoly competition.

The Premier League has up to six competitive clubs in the country, whereas Spain only has two.

We have constantly seen how the Premier League has been undermined by many different clubs due to how much money they attract.

Only on TV rights alone, English football offers over €100 million to each and every one of their clubs.

It is clear that the Premier League has taken over the world again and Javier Tebas is simply reaction defensively against the Spanish La Liga’s biggest threat.

It will take both Barcelona and Real Madrid a huge economic effort to reach the levels of English football again.

Both clubs will spend insane amounts of money during the summer, but it will take them more than one season to find that sweet spot again.

Becoming a competitive squad in front of the new English armada is going to be a nearly impossible task.

Khaldoon Al Mubarak’s defense of Manchester City and the Premier League is an outcry to the rest of the clubs in the country.

Accepting attacks such as the one that Tebas made against them is simply unacceptable.

We still don’t know if the Citizens will be guilty of what they are currently being accused of doing, but they are innocent until proven guilty.

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