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Opinion: The Cristiano Ronaldo effect starts this weekend

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With Serie A about to begin this weekend, we need to talk about Cristiano Ronaldo effect kicking off this season in Italy.

Right after Cristiano Ronaldo came to Juventus last year, we wrote a piece about a Serie A renaissance that was about to begin due to the effect caused by the Portuguese player.

After a full year with this legend in the country, it is clear that he is the man responsible for pushing all the other Serie A club to spend big on new players in order to become more competitive.

We know that Juventus has already won eight consecutive league titles in Italian football, but that can’t be the main reason these other clubs decided to become more competitive as they had seven full years to spend their money.

This is all Ronaldo’s fault, he is the main cause of the effect that pushed the rest to strive for improvement.

We can go club by club in order for you to see what we mean, at least five other Serie A squads made some interesting choices despite their clear economic limitations.

There are actually two teams that made some important decisions this past week, all because they also want players who can compete against Cristiano Ronaldo during the full season.

We obviously don’t think that these clubs actually stand a chance against Juventus, but we do have to acknowledge their efforts in a country as beaten down by taxes as Italy.

Napoli got their response to Ronaldo this week.

After so many weeks of trying to convince the president to make a bigger effort for the club, Carlo Ancelotti finally landed a top quality transfer this week.

Aurelio De Laurentiis had been trying to hit back at Real Madrid’s Florentino Perez for not loaning him James Rodriguez, mainly because he didn’t trust the Colombian player’s potential.

However, he didn’t hesitate when the opportunity to sign Hirving Lozano came knocking on his door.

The Mexican forward is arguably one of the best possible options that any club in Europe had, he was a combination of a potentially great player and a complete bargain.

Ancelotti quickly took control of the situation and convinced the chairman to spend €43 million on his transfer, the player was finally announced on Friday.

Out of all the players who were available on the transfer market, Lozano was part of a very select group of names that actually are considered amongst the ones that have the potential to compete against the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo.

We are talking about a player who broke Ronaldo Nazario’s goal-record on his first season at PSV Eindhoven, he was clearly one of the better options for Carlo Ancelotti’s squad.

But there are other clubs that already made their moves during the transfer market as well.

Moving on to Fiorentina, we have the Firenze squad signing veteran Franck Ribery.

Contrary to his former teammate Arjen Robben, the Frenchman is convinced that he can keep playing until he is 40 years old at a high level.

We can also count that he will share the front line with striker Giovanni Simeone, who has become a fan-favorite among the Fiorentina fans in just a couple of seasons.

AC Milan already signed striker Krzysztof Piątek last season, who already competed against Ronaldo at the top of the goal-scoring table in Serie A.

Internazionale Milano has arguably one of the most competitive attacking trios in Serie A, they just signed Romalu Lukaku from Manchester United a few weeks ago.

Antonio Conte’s squad already had Lautaro Martinez to accompany the Belgian striker, and they were trying to get rid of Mauro Icardi.

The biggest surprise of this week for the Nerazzurri squad was that Mauro decided to stay at Inter, they even gave him the number ‘7’ jersey for the rest of the season.

This turns Inter into one of the top title contenders. All these efforts made by several clubs in Italy, prove that Cristiano Ronaldo’s effect is in full swing and we’ll get a better glimpse at it this weekend.

Which Italian club made the biggest effort to compete against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.