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Opinion: The cup in which Messi was finally Maradona

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This Saturday will forever be remembered as the day in which Lionel Messi resembled Diego Maradona’s leadership the most.

Forget about that goal Leo Messi scored against Getafe in Copa del Rey, forget about the one he scored with his hand that reminded everybody of Maradona.

This Saturday was the first day in which Leo Messi was more Diego than ever before, this is the day in which the legendary player is the proudest of his successor.

All the country of Argentina is finally behind the FC Barcelona star, this Copa America was a complete evolution for Leo with his National Team.

We already wrote about the first signs of change that we spotted, but today was the final stage of the transition.

Nothing will ever be the same for Messi in Argentina from now on, Leo won the hearts of millions with the way in which he spoke against Conmebol’s corruption.

We all know what’s coming for the captain, this institution tends to ban the people who rebel against them for several official matches.

A single game that usually comes after a red card won’t be enough for Conmebol, they will come after Messi and they will seek to make an example out of him for making these controversial statements.

This is the exact MO that got Diego Maradona expelled from the World Cup back in 1994, but they will have a harder time taking down Messi for a number of reasons.


Leo doesn’t lead a controversial life.

The biggest difference between Diego Maradona and Leo Messi facing the powers that be from Conmebol are quite a few, but the most obvious is their way of life.

While Diego was a very prominent party animal from his days in Napoli, the Barcelona star leads a quiet life in Barcelona with his family.

Conmebol will have a much more difficult time if they want to take Messi out of a competition, they could do something very controversial in the future just because of what he said.

For now, Leo goes back to his family knowing that he won the first round but also aware of the consequences this may bring for his final years in Argentina.

If he doesn’t get the complete support from AFA, Leo will truly end up alone against a flawed system that will do everything in its power to get rid of him.

Another major difference between the two biggest Argentine players in history is their personality, they are vastly different from one and other.

While Leo is a very quiet man who usually behaves in a more reserved manner, Diego has always been a left-wing activist with very controversial ties to political leaders from that same ideology.

Messi has a bigger chance against a corrupt organization such as Conmebol for the more conservative approach he has.

If Leo wanted to truly go against the system, he would do it in an orderly fashion instead of chaotically like Diego always did.

Maradona’s biggest mistake was that he never displayed discipline when it came to his personal life, whereas Leo has a whole machine supporting his every move.

Modern day social justice comes with a very public tool that is social media and technology, Conmebol will have a much more difficult time if Messi decided to take this to extreme lengths.

The first blow has been taken, the Argentina captain knows how much damage he made today.

This man is very different from the one we had ten years ago, the world wishes it had this Messi when Argentina needed him the most.

This new version of Leo is 10 years too late for the party, but there is still time for him to possibly have a final successful spell with this new generation.

The biggest issue here will be if Conmebol decides to turn Leo into their enemy, winning a title will be a lot more difficult than he expected.

Even if this squad led by Scaloni found a proper idea to develop, they won’t be able to take it all the way to the top if Messi keeps this battle up against the system.

The next six months will be crucial for him and AFA, they will have to make a decision together about the next steps they have to take.

What should Messi do if Conmebol comes after him? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.