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Opinion: The FA must fight racism to prevent a tragedy

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In light of all the recent racism problems that are happening in the Premier League, the FA must fight the issue to prevent a tragedy.

Racism is a systemic problem that has only grown in professional football over the last decade, the FA is currently having a major issue with this topic in England.

We recently saw how Manchester United’s Paul Pogba suffered racial abuse on Twitter after missing a penalty in the Premier League.

Only a week later, Marcus Rashford also missed a penalty while playing for the Red Devils and went through the same kind of abuse.

There is a clear problem that doesn’t seem to stop in Europe, because England is not the only place where this is happening.

There are also cases in Spain, Italy, and several Eastern European countries.

These problems need to be tackled by the football federations of each country, they need to act fast if they don’t want a player responding to this abuse in a negative manner.

We can’t help but remember the incident in which Eric Cantona kicked a fan in the face for abusing him in front of everybody, this is the type of problem that the FA must fight in order to avoid.

Footballers are people too, it is only natural that some of them react poorly to criticism or abuse inside their place of work.

We also remember the incident that saw Patrice Evra getting involved in a fight with a fan, something that got him suspended like Cantona was all those years ago.

The FA needs to act promptly.

In order to stop this problem from its root, the FA has to start implementing measures that can get a fan completely banned from a football stadium if they violate the rules of conduct.

Football needs to become a sport in which educated people attend, families need to feel safe taking their children to stadiums again.

With the climate’s state that suddenly allows this behavior to occur, it’s easy to understand why these trash football supporters feel like they can do whatever they want.

If this doesn’t stop as soon as possible, a day will come when another incident such as the one with Cantona takes place.

We didn’t get a violent or more controversial reaction from Marcus Rashford or Paul Pogba this time, but this won’t always happen.

There will come a time in which another player who is not so peaceful responds to the abuse, the FA would make a grave mistake if they sanction any player before the fans.

In fact, all the European federations must unite to prevent these events from happening again in the near future.

There must be swift action taken against all those who abuse player through any type of discrimination.

Even former Tottenham striker Garth Crooks shed light on this problem while talking through BBC Sport.

He also used the example of Eric Cantona’s situation in order to remind the world that something terrible could happen again if this problem is not tackled.

“If something drastic is not done soon we might be reliving an Eric Cantona moment and, if we do, the game will only have itself to blame,” said Garth.

“I never thought I’d be talking about footballers receiving racial abuse in this day and age, and certainly not on the industrial scale we are talking about at the moment.”

“Racial abuse on social media is out of control and abuse in football grounds is not far behind.”

“Phil Neville was compelled to make the point that we have to take drastic measures now as a football community. I think he’s right,” added Crooks.

“Managers and players must boycott social media. The Professional Footballers’ Association’s outstanding #Enough campaign was a start but clearly not enough.”

“The game’s authorities and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport have made strong statements denouncing these trolls, but the government must introduce legislation quickly.”

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