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Opinion: The Messi vs Ronaldo rivalry is hotter than ever

Messi, Ronaldo
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After both Messi and Ronaldo’s performances with their respective clubs, their rivalry is hotter now than it’s ever been before. 

Just when one would’ve thought that Messi and Ronaldo’s rivalry was about to end, we get a day like today to remind us of the opposite.

These two players gifted us the most incredible sports rivalry in history, they kept us on the edge of our seats for more than a decade.

At the end of 2019, Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t producing the same amount of goals we were used to enjoying from him.

Messi was also going through a low form, but he remained as one of La Liga’s top scorers.

However, the year 2020 seems like it’s going to take everybody by storm once again.

Ronaldo already let us know that he means business on this new year, the man already scored in seven consecutive Serie A matches.

He delivered another brace for Juventus this evening against Parma, two goals that were good enough for three valuable points.

The Portuguese star scored the first goal of the evening with a potent low strike that the defense deviated.

Parma didn’t allow Juve to keep the lead with an equalizer, but Ronaldo scored the winning goal during the second half.

This game was great for him to reinforce his partnership with Paulo Dybala.

These two goals gave Cristiano a chance to momentarily surpass Lionel Messi’s historical record. 

Messi and Ronaldo, toe to toe in league tournaments. 

Lionel Messi has an impressive record that is right in par with Cristiano Ronaldo, and the Argentine is two years younger than the Portuguese star.

With his two goals for Juventus, Cristiano reached an impressive 432 league goals as a professional.

That is 311 goals in the Spanish La Liga, 84 goals in the Premier League, and 37 goals in the Italian Serie A.

Messi reached the same number today as well, but all his goals came in the Spanish championship.

These stats are insane for any other football player in history, not even the likes of Gerd Muller or Pele were able to score as much as these two monsters.

The final act of this beautiful rivalry is only just beginning, we will get to see them playing at their best throughout 2020.

Everybody is wildly excited for the many magical nights that Messi and Ronaldo will bring us this year.

This is the ideal time to stop talking about comparisons and simply enjoy the little time we have left with them.

We will never see anything like this in sports again, these two legends should be honored as soon as they retire.

The new season might bring us bigger challenges from both players, we will talk about their prime objectives. 

Both are after the UEFA Champions League.

The ultimate prize for this 2020 is the UEFA Champions League. There is no doubt about it.

Whoever wins this competition will have a greater chance to win the Ballon d’Or by the end of the season.

Despite their age, we can still confirm that Messi and Ronaldo are the frontrunners for all the individual awards during the new season.

Both players will have an international tournament with their respective national teams. This will also play an important part in their year.

Messi is set to play the Copa America with Argentine. Whereas Ronaldo is set to play the Euro 2020 with Portugal.

We still don’t know if either of both players will get to be in the FIFA World Cup two years from now.

This is the reason we need to enjoy them as much as we can this year, because this might be one of their last at the highest level.

Both players are looking sharp, and they are just as motivated as the first day.

This league goal-record is yet another good reason they should be eager to keep playing this beautiful sport.

Even though Ronaldo is no longer in La Liga, Messi still feels the rivalry from a distance.


Who will end his career with the most league goals, Messi or Ronaldo? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.