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Opinion: The Old Diego Costa is back for Atletico Madrid

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It took him a minute, but Atletico Madrid finally recovered the old Diego Costa for the new season. He even came with a new role in the squad.

It appears that Diego Costa has finally learned his lesson, the Atletico Madrid striker came back with a more mature outlook in life.

Knowing that he will be the one people look at during this season after Griezmann’s departure, it’s almost as if Costa knew he had to make some changes.

In previous seasons, the striker always gave his vacation time way more importance than he should’ve.

There were even times when he came back from off-season with a few more pounds than usual, that took him a little longer to return to better shape than the rest of his teammates.

His very first training sessions have been quite refreshing for manager Diego Costa, who needed to rely on a player after his best element left to play for Barcelona.

The Brazilian needed to respond like this if he wanted to repay what Atletico Madrid did for him, they trusted him when nobody wanted to even make an effort.

Now that he is one of the more experienced players in the squad, Costa knows how much he can help out the newcomers and he even took up the role of a mentor for many of them.

He may arguably be one of the strikers who learned the ‘Cholo’ way better than anybody, he knows how much intensity is needed with Simeone’s squads.

Costa’s connection with Joao Felix.

Even though he knew that Atletico Madrid paid a record-breaking amount for a teenager, the veteran didn’t hesitate to help him in his development.

Costa is very aware that the Colchoneros need to transform this young player into one of the best in the world, which is why he never leaves Joao Felix’s side.

The language barrier the player has is not an issue for Costa, he tends to help him understand Simeone’s concepts better through a verbal explanation.

When the time comes to touch the ball, the manager is grateful that Costa was there to help young Felix with his learning experience.

Even without having the captain’s armband, Diego already behaves like one with his teammates.

He is the one who wants to keep the group together and the person who is always in the middle of conversations.

The Diego Costa that Simeone always praised as a “competitive animal” is back, but he also came back with a new side of him that nobody expected.

Contrary to his more rebellious side at Chelsea, Costa knows that he needs to contribute to Atletico Madrid’s cause.

This is a man who truly loves this club and would do anything to help it get all the way to the top.

Costa is also in the best shape.

Then there is the fit Costa we got back, this is a very different pre-season player compared to other seasons.

In fact, this Costa looks just as hungry as the one who was coming from Rayo Vallecano in the very beginning.

Back then, Diego knew he wasn’t one of the manager’s first options for the attack and he had a lot of work to do.

This player came with many pounds below average, he also came with more speed and power than usual.

However, the most obvious changes in Diego Costa’s return for this new season are two very specific things.

First we will mention Diego’s first touch, the man came back like a beast and more precise than ever before.

Last but not least, Costa also came back with a unique understanding between him and Alvaro Morata upfront.

This duo that the two Spain strikers will make can become one of the most lethal in the Spanish La Liga this season.

Playing as they have during this pre-season in San Rafael, there is no way Diego Simeone won’t use them together during the start of the competition.

But make no mistake, Diego Costa is the star of the show for Atletico Madrid this year. We are in for a treat with this new version of an already impressive striker.

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