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Opinion: The PFA Award should go to an EPL champion

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Let us tell you why the PFA Award for the best player of the season should, in fact, go to a Premier League champion this season.

The PFA Players’ Player of the Year Award is a major deal in English football every year.

It is the recognition from the players to the most impressive talent throughout the year but sometimes it doesn’t go to the footballer who won the domestic title.

In the past, players like Gareth Bale, Robin van Persie, Luis Suarez, and Mohamed Salah won it without becoming English champions.

We are not saying that they didn’t deserve to be recognized for their achievements throughout the season they got recognized with the award.

All we are saying is that this season is a little different given how the current Premier League competition is turning out to be.

Liverpool FC and Manchester City are still fighting to win the tournament at the very top of the table and each team has one strong contender for the award.

We honestly think that the PFA Award should go to the player who ends the season as the Premier League champion for completion reasons.

The one name who goes up on the stage during the PFA Awards would feel an even greater satisfaction of he gets the recognition.

But there is a major problem with this specific request we have in regards to the award.

The PFA Awards will be celebrated on April 28, which is next Sunday evening.

By the time this specific award gets delivered, we won’t have a clear idea of which club will win the Premier League.

The major favorites from each of the title contenders who could win the award this season are two specific names, based on the online betting offers.

On Liverpool’s side, we have defender Virgil van Dijk as the overwhelming favorite to take the prize.

The Holland international has been one of the most influential players of the season and he is one of the main reasons the Reds are still in the title race.

Manchester City has Raheem Sterling as the clear favorite from their camp, the England international is by far the best English player of the season.

Pep Guardiola has managed to transform this young talent into one of the most impressive footballers in recent English football history.

Sterling went from being a promising talent during his first days at Liverpool to becoming a role model as a Citizens in the present season.

Although Van Dijk is the one who has the biggest pull from all his peers in the award, Sterling also has a very strong claim to become the best player of the year.

However, Raheem believes that he doesn’t deserve to win the award of Manchester City doesn’t win the Premier League by the end of the season.

He recently spoke about the possibility of picking up the price next Sunday and expressed his reasons.

We are positive that Van Dijk shares the same feeling if you asked him the same question.

“It’s nice to be recognized on that front, but, to be honest, if we don’t win the Premier League, I don’t really want to be in contention,” he said via Four Four Two.

“What I want to do is win the Premier League, win the FA Cup, then think about stuff like that, even though the awards are before that.”

“Without that, it doesn’t mean much to me really. I voted for Harry Kane. My vote for him is because he scores so many goals every year, he does so much for the team, gives so much for his team.”

“I thought being around him in the national team, how he puts in his work, his work ethic, how he looks after himself. He’s always there, especially coming back from injury, as a professional I looked at him and that’s my reason for voting for him, seeing him on a day-to-day with the national team.”

Who do you think will win the PFA Players’ Player of the Year Award on Sunday? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.