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Opinion: The walking paradox that is coach Maurizio Sarri

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We need to go into a deep territory now with Manager Maurizio Sarri, he is becoming a walking paradox for the world of football.

When Maurizio Sarri got his first major trophy medal with Chelsea last season, we couldn’t help but think what a walking paradox he is in football.

The Italian manager is a compulsive chain-smoker as we all know, he used to go through almost 60 cigarettes per-day during the years in which he abused them the most.

This terrible habit has been the cause of millions of deaths over the decades, we couldn’t help but think about Maurizio’s face when he won that medal.

He had an expression that touched our hearts, he won the first major title after more than two decades as a professional manager.

In his face, we could also see a bittersweet feeling of almost disbelief.

This is a man who is barely starting to give us his better years as a manager, and taking that away when it’s only getting started would truly become a tragedy.

We are all hoping that this illness that struck the Juventus manager is momentary, we want him to continue this fairy tale for many more years and bring Juventus to the very top with Cristiano Ronaldo as his most important player.

We also hope that this latest scare against his life is a wakeup call, Sarri needs to find a solution to this horrible addiction and at least try to live the years he has left in the healthiest possible manner.

Why Sarri is so important to football right now.

We need to understand that this Italian manager represents the working class from the rest of the world, he is not a man who grew up with a family of athletes like other families have.

The fact that a man of the people was able to reach the level of success that he reached last season is worthy of a Hollywood script.

We are all rooting for Maurizio to get back on his feet and conquer the terrible addiction of smoking cigarettes.

We know it will be very difficult for him, but we can all send our support in many different forms.

There are still many mountains to climb for this very interesting character, Sarri has to fight against the obstacles that life is putting in front of him.

All the players have expressed their concern and support for a manager who already recognized he has an addiction problem that is difficult to conquer.

He recently confessed just how many cigarettes he smokes per day, the number will surprise everybody: “It’s 60 a day, probably a few too many,” he said last week via The Mirror.

“I don’t particularly feel the need to smoke during games, but straight afterward it really is necessary. I had back problems tormenting me for weeks, but I feel much better now.”

Sarri will definitely miss the first two Serie A matches of the season as the new Juventus manager, this includes the one against former club Napoli.

We must remember that even some players from his old club consider Maurizio’s arrival to the Old Lady as a betrayal.

However, nobody wishes the manager any distress when it comes to this specific sensitive issue.

Everybody knew about Sarri’s addiction and they were very aware of how much he struggled with it.

The Italian coach keeps saying that he attributes his problem to stress during matches, but we all know perfectly well how addiction works.

When you don’t recognize you have a problem, the first defense mechanism is to blame your bad habits to something external as an excuse.

We hope that Maurizio can get past this terrible problem that is not only affecting him, but all the Juventus fan base and his loved ones as well.

For now, Sarri needs to rest and get better in order to return to the training grounds.

We would love to watch him winning more medals that can get him to smile in the same incredulous manner that he did when he won the Europea League with Chelsea.

The fact that Sarri is having this type of health issue within a professional sports environment is a paradox all by itself.

Do you think Maurizio Sarri can overcome this problem? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.