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Opinion: This can be James Rodriguez’s best season ever

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Regardless of where he decides to play next season, we are convinced that this might be James Rodriguez’s best season ever.

While the situation between James Rodriguez and Real Madrid gets sorted out, we are here to tell you why this might be the best season of his career.

At a club level, James Rodriguez has never really exploded in the way he’s always wanted for a variety of reasons.

Whether it’s because he hasn’t been lucky or he simply doesn’t fit in the system, the Colombian hasn’t been as successful in his clubs as he’s been with his national team.

We are obviously not talking about trophies because we know he’s won plenty of them already, he was a key part of the FC Porto squad that won three leagues, two cups, and the 2011 Europa League title.

We know he was important in that competition, but the level of performance from that club is too far from the very elite that he joined later in his career.

We all knew that the talent this player has was worthy of someday representing one of the giant clubs in Europe, that’s why all his fans were thrilled when they knew he would play for Real Madrid after the 2014 World Cup.

Carlo Ancelotti specifically asked for his transfer during that summer, but James didn’t live up to the standard that was expected from him.

We have a theory that suggests why that is, let us explain in detail.

James didn’t fit in the system.

Given that Carlo Ancelotti always had an attacking trio of players who usually performed as wingers, the Plan A was to always use Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale accompanying Karim Benzema.

This represented a huge problem for James because his natural position disappeared with this system, he is the classic playmaker who is always performing right behind the striker down the middle.

‘Carletto’ always tried to give Rodriguez a role in this system as an interior midfielder, but he was always too far from the box in order to exploit his capabilities to their fullest.

By the time Ancelotti left Los Blancos and Zidane took over when Rafa Benitez failed to impress, the French manager took the same system that the Italian manager used and he decided to use James as little as possible.

‘Zizou’ knew that the Colombian wouldn’t work in that system that he also decided to use, but he at least tried to give the player some opportunities that never suited him.

The player grew salty against the Frenchman and he eventually left to play at Bayern, but he found a similar issue in Germany because they also used two wingers on the attack.

This is the explanation to why James Rodriguez never fits in the modern systems of today’s football, he needs to get a squad that is ideal for his talents.

Zidane needs to make fundamental changes to fit James.

This much neglecting of a player who is clearly one of the best in the world on his position, is one of the reasons he’s returned with a determination to prove the manager wrong.

The most recent training sessions have shown us a very active James, and a very fit one too.

Even the rest of the Real Madrid players are beginning to see that perhaps tossing this player on the side may not be such a good idea.

The fans, the media, and some members of the club started working together in order to show the manager that Rodriguez can help Real Madrid this season.

They all certainly believe that selling him to the highest bidder would be a terrible mistake, especially if his destination is Atletico Madrid.

Zinedine Zidane needs to start seeing reason with the James situation, he can’t keep trying to pass on his overwhelming talent just because he isn’t getting Paul Pogba in gift wrap from Florentino Perez.

There is a line that ‘Zizou’ might cross if he messes up with this player, a line that could even cost him his job.

One thing is for sure, James will play the best football of his career this season regardless of where he ends up.

Why do you think Zidane keeps denying James the opportunity to play for Real Madrid? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.