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Opinion: This is Lionel Messi’s perfect chance to appear

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There is no tomorrow for Lionel Messi in this Copa America, he needs to appear against Brazil in the semifinal or he won’t have a chance to win it.

It’s true folks, Lionel Messi hasn’t really left his mark in this Copa America and he needs to appear on Tuesday.

Contrary to other tournaments in which he usually scores a few more goals. Leo only scored once and his overall performance is even weaker than the one from the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

There has been an obvious decline in Lionel Messi’s game over the years, this is directly related to the Argentine’s disappointing results with his national team.

It is only in the face of certain elimination when Messi has managed to appear, but he almost never does it against a powerful team.

On the bright side, Leo doesn’t face a particularly strong Brazil side for this semifinal.

The Copa America host doesn’t have a player who can be the answer to Messi if the Barcelona star comes out with an inspired demeanor.

All of Brazil is genuinely scared about what the Argentina captain can do against them, they know that all he needs is one good chance to hurt them.

Even though he isn’t currently at the top of his game, Messi does have several reasons to be motivated for today’s match at the Mineirao Stadium.

The star does have Neymar’s absence to look forward to, Brazil lacks this player who can become his direct competition throughout the match.

Brazil’s 7-1 nightmare, Messi’s biggest motivation.

The greatest reason for Messi to feel empowered on Tuesday against Brazil is something that happened five years ago, it was in this same stadium.

Arena Mineirao in Belo Horizonte was the stuff of nightmares for all Brazilians. Before this happened during the 2014 World Cup, Brazil only suffered a similar scare back in the 1950 competition.

During the World Cup final between them and the Uruguay National Team, the locals lost a historic match at Maracana Stadium and got eliminates in front of over 100k fans.

This was known as the ‘Maracanazo’ ever since, a night that no Brazilian will ever forget.

This similar feeling came in the World Cup’s semifinal against Germany five years ago, when Joachim Low’s side demolished them with a 7-1 result.

Same as it happened back then, Neymar was also injured and he suffered the loss alongside all his compatriots.

Losing against Argentine would be even more hurtful due to the historic rivalry between the two countries.

Messi is aware of the importance that playing against Brazil has, which is why he will be extremely motivated to play this game later during the day.

It’s a golden opportunity for Leo to finally put all the ghosts to rest, and finally make his triumphant appearance in this Copa America.

Leo will also need help from his teammates.

Another key for Leo to play at the top of his game will be his teammates, the Barcelona star will rely on them to get a good performance.

Fortunately for the captain, many of these players already responded to the challenge against Venezuela but Brazil is a different animal.

The key to this match will be in midfield, neutralizing Arthur and Coutinho will be essential.

Messi only watched how his teammates worked very well against the ‘Vinotinto’, which was concerning for a lot of people.

The captain only touched the ball 59 times during that match, that is the second smallest amount of times he touched the ball in a full match ever.

It is evident that Leo is no playing at the top of his game as many of us probably expected, even he agrees on this.

We wholeheartedly believe that if Leo doesn’t make his appearance against Brazil later today, Argentina will lose the semifinal and he will be the one to blame.

This classic rivalry is arguably the most exciting in football history, a game that is properly suited for a player like Messi to make his appearance at the right time.

He will only need a couple of chances to make his impact, we trust he will get them when the moment comes.

How many goals will Leo Messi score against Brazil later today? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.