Opinion: This is the end of a golden era for Real Madrid

MADRID, SPAIN - MARCH 05: Karim Benzema of Real Madrid reacts during the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Second Leg match between Real Madrid and Ajax at Bernabeu on March 05, 2019 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

After the overwhelming defeat against Ajax at the Santiago Bernabeu, it’s time to talk about the end of Real Madrid’s second golden era in their history.

There aren’t clubs in football history who can brag about having two golden eras, Real Madrid is the only one that we can think of because they really dominated the continent in two different time periods since the European Cup/Champions League began.

The first one they had came during the very first five years of this competition, a time in which they had mythical striker Alfredo Di Stefano as their franchise player and won five consecutive trophies that helped build this club’s history.

One could possibly argue that Los Blancos came back during the end of the 20th Century, in a time when Real Madrid won three Champions League trophies between 1998 and 2002 but this generation of players was nowhere near as dominant as the one we experienced during the last five years.

This squad played during a time in which football is in an all-time peak of performance, winning four out of five trophies of what can arguably be considered the most competitive tournament in the world has the highest merit possible for any squad.

Real Madrid really was at the top of the food chain during all these years, they truly are the most successful club in football history and they built an even stronger case for this claim.

This era was led by a few names that we need to mention and should never be forgotten, the first one is captain Sergio Ramos.

The Spanish defender was the main reason why Los Blancos won the first of four Champions League trophies, his dramatic goal against Atletico Madrid in the Lisbon final is what jump-started this revolution that helped Real Madrid grow even stronger as the most successful club in the world.

The second name we need to mention is Zinedine Zidane, the French manager who touched the sky in a very short period of time but instantly became the most successful figure in the club’s history both as a player and a manager.

The way he left the club after becoming the very best coach in the world speaks volumes of the great figure he really is, he is one of the biggest reasons that Los Blancos dominated European football for the last three seasons non-stop.

His absence was way too obvious during this new season, it was clear that his connection with the players was one of the main reasons why they were so successful on the continental level.

But we also need to talk about the other major name in this golden era for Real Madrid, the one man who changed everything for the club.

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You all know who we are talking about, Cristiano Ronaldo is without question the player who truly changed Real Madrid’s face for nine unforgettable seasons.

The man was able to become the club’s all-time top scorer in record time, his goal average was above one goal per game and truly took this squad out of obscurity.

Even if he didn’t really score all the goals in the finals and shared the spotlight with other players such as Gareth Bale, Ronaldo’s goals are the only reason why this squad reached all these finals and he could afford to not be important in the final matches.

However, the man delivered a secure 50-goals per season and his absence this season was the biggest reason for Real Madrid to get eliminated this early in every single competition.

The fans or pundits in Spain who deny that Cristiano Ronaldo is always required are not really thinking with their heads, having a player of this stature is always a plus, even if he doesn’t always score goals in the most crucial matches throughout the season.

All we need to do in order to agree with this, is look at Ronaldo’s numbers at Juventus this season and realize that the man keeps scoring many goals per season.

What do you think about Real Madrid ending their golden era today? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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