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Opinion: This Liverpool side is similar to Guardiola’s Barça

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After their latest victory against Manchester United, we need to start comparing this Liverpool side with Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona. 

Even though this Liverpool side doesn’t play the same brand of football than Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona, they are still quite similar.

Jurgen Klopp managed to bring back a football club that no other squad can defeat in the league.

When the Blaugrana started their journey with the Manchester City manager, they didn’t expect to become one of the best clubs in history.

Jurgen Klopp didn’t expect to become one of the best clubs in the world either, especially in the Premier League.

As we all know, England’s competition is the most difficult to win from all the major domestic tournaments in the world.

The German manager knew exactly what he was getting himself into when he signed his contract.

But he always remained positive despite the obstacles that he faced, Klopp built an invincible squad from scratch.

Back in 2008, Pep Guardiola only had Real Madrid in front of him. Klopp had Manchester United, Chelsea FC, and Manchester City to surpass.

This means that the Reds had a much more difficult task ahead of them, they wanted to dominate English football.

The signs started emerging from the beginning, Klopp bought something new to this squad. 

Klopp is Guardiola’s executioner. 

We can’t help but think what could’ve happened if this squad played against Pep Guardiola’s FC Barcelona from 2009.

The level of dominance that Liverpool currently has over its rivals is very similar to that squad from a decade ago.

There was a moment after the first La Liga match, in which FC Barcelona started playing football that made them virtually unbeatable.

In Liverpool’s case, this dominance started near the end of last season. This certainty of winning against any club in the world continues to this day.

Klopp’s current dominance over Pep Guardiola would certainly be tested if he faced that Barcelona side.

Playing against the likes of Messi, Iniesta, and Xavi in their prime would be a beautiful challenge for this Liverpool side.

We consider that the Reds keep the ball for more than 60% of every match they play, which poises the question for everybody.

Who would keep the ball possession if this Liverpool side confronted that FC Barcelona squad from a decade ago?

We would kill to watch these two squads playing against each other at a neutral stadium. 

Liverpool is on its way to becoming ‘Invincible’. 

Comparing this Liverpool side with Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ is also in the cards, they just reached 1,001 days without losing at Anfield.

They still have a few games to match that legendary 49 unbeaten matches, which was established by Wenger’s squad.

We still think that the Gunners were the more dominant squad from the two, but we can easily change our minds.

We are still a long way from the end of the Premier League. Anything can happen between now and then.

Although it’s still 10 games to go, two challenges are within the Reds’ reach still.

One is that record held by Arsenal, which should arrive before the more difficult one.

Jurgen Klopp might not care too much about these records if his players don’t get to lift the Premier League trophy by the end of the season.

However, ending the tournament without losing a single match would also reach those Arsenal ‘Invincibles’.

The problem is that the 16-point advantage means they would lift the title before the end of the season.

If the Reds win the trophy early, they could easily lower their level of commitment and lose a game.

We’ll see what happens with Liverpool this season, we believe they will win the title regardless. 

Is this Liverpool as dominant as Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona side? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.