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Opinion: This was James’ last chance to convince Zidane

James, Real Madrid
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After yet another awful display in Copa del Rey, it’s finally time to cancel James Rodriguez as a Real Madrid player from now on. 

Even though we’ve always been eager to defend James Rodriguez as a Real Madrid player, he disappointed Zidane again. The Colombian playmaker has been widely considered a world-class footballer who deserves to play for any club in the world.

We failed to understand why Zinedine Zidane refused to give him any minutes on the pitch. All our questions were answered tonight. We completely understand Zidane on this one.

The gaffer gave James his chance to shine at home, and against a relatively accessible rival. But playing in front of the Santiago Bernabeu crowd can become a double-edged sword very quickly.

James soon realized that he only needed 45 minutes in order to earn the disdain from all the supporters. This crowd is famous for ending careers at the Bernabeu, some players never recover.

Rodriguez’s case is not so different, his future is pending on a thread. We have no idea if this player is no longer interested in playing football or if something else is going on.

The truth of the matter is that this player is wasting useful space at Real Madrid, he lost his chance to be considered worthy of this club. Some of the fans believe he lost that opportunity long ago, but we needed to be certain. 

James problems during sessions. 

The core problem that this player has is the lack of motivation during training sessions. At the start of the season, we were all marveled by his impressive effort during the pre-season. He was the most involved player out of all the pros that went on the tour.

Even his teammates convinced Zidane that he was perfect Real Madrid material, but James let all of them down. The Colombian is the type of player who quickly loses motivation if he doesn’t feel stimulation from his manager.

Zidane never guaranteed him a secured spot in the starting eleven, which can be impossible to fathom for the star. Rodriguez fancies himself one of the best players in the world right now. He certainly is one of the most talented. Being the best requires you to also remain consistent.

We can’t say that we remember James being the best player of his squad in recent years. There is no way that he will recover from tonight’s blow, but maybe Zidane is able to resuscitate him from the grave.

For now, all we can think about is the many options that James Rodriguez will have next summer. It’s evident that he is one of those rejected players who are good enough to play at PSG or Manchester United. 

Which club is the best option for James? 

Out of the many options that James Rodriguez has to continue his career, we can think of a few that will bring back his best form. PSG or Manchester United are currently regarded as clubs where the biggest rejects tend to go.

Choosing the French giants would mean that Rodriguez is willing to end his career in Ligue 1. Manchester United looks like a more appealing option for him, but we won’t know until the summer gets here.

The final club that should be a good fit for Rodriguez is Juventus. We would love watching the Colombian play alongside Ronaldo again. If there is a player who can help James get back to his best level, that man is Cristiano.

The Portuguese star is still one of the best players in the world, but he needs playmakers like James. Juventus should go after the Colombian as soon as possible, signing him is a no-brainer next summer.

Imagine how pissed Florentino Perez would be if the Colombian won the UEFA Champions League at Juventus next to Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Do you think James Rodriguez’s career can still be saved? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.