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Opinion: Today is the day Mbappe convinces Real Madrid

Mbappe Zidane
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It’s day zero for Kylian Mbappe at the Santiago Bernabeu, today is the day he convinces Real Madrid to finally sign him from PSG. 

To those who didn’t know, Real Madrid and Zidane have been working on Kylian Mbappe’s transfer for the last seven years.

The French manager has been keeping tabs on the youngster since 2012, which is when Mbappe was about 14 years old.

Even then, the PSG forward was already a sensation amongst scouts throughout Europe and Zidane has unique knowledge of the French market.

There are many contacts that ‘Zizou’ has in his own country, and all the fingers were pointing towards Kylian Mbappe.

There was a time when the player’s parents were showing him off with several clubs from Europe, they were confident in his abilities.

Zidane was always right about his gut feeling, Kylian Mbappe truly is a footballer who will leave a mark after he retires.

Real Madrid was really close to signing him in 2017, but the player made the controversial decision to play at PSG after AS Monaco.

Although leaving the French capital will prove extremely difficult, Mbappe is very adamant about leaving and he has chosen Real Madrid as his next destination.

Los Blancos didn’t appreciate Kylian rejecting then back in 2017, this was arguably the biggest reason they haven’t gone after him that strongly.

In recent months, there were only rumors about Mbappe being Florentino’s target. 

PSG has always been extremely afraid of the Spanish giants taking one of their best players, but they know they won’t be able to do much to stop them.

This is how we get to this Tuesday’s crucial match at the Bernabeu, the day in which the Real Madrid fans will show Mbappe all the thirst they have for him.

Every time the club has the urge to sign a player as talented as Kylian Mbappe, they always rely on their supporters to lure these names to the club.

Today will be no exception, a packed Santiago Bernabeu is more than ready to do their best in order to convince Kylian.

The player will also do everything in his power to convince the club, because only Florentino Perez is the man who still hasn’t made a decisive move for this player.

Manager Thomas Tuchel made the decision to include Kylian inside the starting eleven against Los Blancos, the German coach even decided to leave Neymar on the bench.

Mbappe will have his chance to shine on his own in Spain, he will have to face Sergio Ramos and his friend Raphael Varane.

The plan is to play on the wings, either side will be dangerous for Los Blancos as Kylian will have the freedom to play on both sides. 

Kylian’s main objective is to win the UEFA Champions League. 

In recent days, Kylian has been making the rounds with the press ahead of this crucial match against Real Madrid.

Amongst the many gems he left for headlines, Kylian expressed that he doesn’t think he deserves to win the Ballon d’Or yet.

He also told FIFA that his ultimate goal is to win the trophies he hasn’t conquered yet, and keep winning the ones that he has.

It’s pretty obvious that Mbappe wants to get his chance to win the UEFA Champions League, which could happen this season at PSG.

Regardless of the outcome this season, the French giants won’t be able to keep their best player inside the squad.

This is the perfect day for Kylian to prove why Zinedine Zidane is so in love with his game.

The French manager surprised the whole world by expressing how much he wants Mbappe to play for him at Real Madrid.

Los Blancos’ manager never says anything this clear about a player, but he can’t hide his devotion any longer.

‘Zizou’ is the first person who wanted this player to come since he was a kid, it is only normal that he would be the one who told the world about his intentions. 

Will Kylian Mbappe score a goal against Real Madrid on Tuesday? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.