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Opinion: Tonight’s loss pushes Messi away from Barcelona

Messi, Barcelona
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As the ship continues to sink, tonight’s Copa del Rey loss is only pushing Lionel Messi further away from FC Barcelona. 

The current situation at FC Barcelona is difficult to salvage, it’s only pushing Lionel Messi further away. After Real Madrid’s defeat against Real Sociedad, one would expect that the Catalan club could go after the victory.

However, this squad seems destined to fail this season with all its internal problems. The players are together against the club’s board, this can’t go for much longer.

The FC Barcelona supporters are watching how the club is slowly pushing Lionel Messi away from the club. The lack of results have been one of the main reasons the Argentine is considering jumping ship.

Despite being the happiest man in Barcelona for so many years, Leo also thinks about the legacy he wants to leave after he retires. With such an inept board of directors, it’s not a coincidence that Leo halted his contract extension until May.

Results like this evening’s Copa del Rey elimination are the reason Messi has many doubts about his future at the club. He wanted to wait and see how the squad reacted during a crucial match like tonight. The captain’s fears were confirmed, the team still crumbles down at the end of the game. 

This problem is not on the bench. 

Just to put things in perspective, FC Barcelona currently has 13 first-team healthy players on the roster. Gerard Pique was the number 14, but he fell injured against Athletic tonight.

The fact that so many players are injured and no new transfers came in the winter, speaks of a flawed board of directors. President Bartomeu keeps sacking different key roles within the team’s structure and thinks he can do all the work.

If the club doesn’t go into a direct election process, Leo will have to evaluate his career. The sirens are already trying to lure him to the city of Manchester, where Pep Guardiola would greet him with open arms.

The Argentine will wait until May to see if he can get to run the full board out of the club. A new president needs to arrive with fresh ideas, better-negotiating skills, and clear objectives for the squad.

Thinking about Joan Laporta coming back to the club doesn’t seem too farfetched. The problem here is that the Barcelona associates don’t like that idea very much. Many of them would rather watch the club sink before giving Laporta back the power he had during his presidency. 

Leo Messi is alone right now. 

Due to the lack of involvement from the board of directors, this ended in Lionel Messi walking completely alone on the pitch. There isn’t a single player apart from him that can help the squad win matches.

We got time to watch his overall performance in San Mames, and he was utterly frustrated by his teammates’ inability to perform. He was the player who covered the most ground out of all the roster, and he was the most active.

Apologists will say that this FC Barcelona side was more competitive than the last two games. However, we’ve repeatedly said that the style doesn’t matter if the players don’t deliver results. Quique Setien has a very difficult task ahead of him that consists of two different goals.

The first is to bring the goals back for the Catalan club, but the second one is to earn Messi’s trust back. There hasn’t been a season in which Leo feels out of Barcelona more than right now.

Every major club in the continent is already moving to see how many chances to sign him they have. Because make no mistake, buying Leo will be extremely expensive for any club in the world. 

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