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Opinion: Trent Alexander-Arnold is the world’s best full-back

Trent-Alexander Arnold, full-back
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After yet another incredible performance for Liverpool, it’s time to accept that Trent Alexander-Arnold is the world’s best full-back. 

We could already smell it from him last season after that genius moment against Barcelona, but Trent Alexander-Arnold is the world’s best full-back.

There isn’t even a contest for this position anymore, this guy is the one who has everything a great player should have.

In fact, we will try to make two comparisons that can bring us to a proper conclusion about where his career is going.

The first one we’ll make is the most obvious, Arnold is a young version of Dani Alves.

If the Brazilian was still in his ’20s, we could still make an argument about who is better between the two of them.

But Alves is already an old man who is living his final years in Sao Paulo, he can no longer compete for this title.

Arnold does everything with an ease that still leaves us speechless to this day, he makes it look so effortless.

But nothing of what he does on the pitch is easy by any stretch of the imagination.

Let’s talk about the assist he gave to Bobby Firmino against Leicester City.

The ball he encountered was already at high velocity before he connected with it, and yet his cross was incredibly precise.

This is only within reach of a select group of footballers in the world, and Arnold is one of them. 

Trent can try to follow Gareth Bale’s path.

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s quality with the ball seems very familiar with what a young Gareth Bale did when he started his career.

As a full-back, the Welshman delivered performances that were very much in the vein of what the Liverpool alumnus does on a regular basis.

During the match against the Foxes, he knew that supremacy in the Premier League was at stake.

As a result of this extra motivation, he delivered three assists and scored himself a goal.

This might be right up there next to his performance against FC Barcelona last season.

Arnold has the necessary talent to move himself to a more attacking position, but he needs to make the choice himself.

It will all depend on how comfortable he feels as a winger rather than a full-back.

We are convinced that Jurgen Klopp knows he can use Arnold in this position.

However, the Reds currently have some of the best players in the world in that position.

Trent is already the best in the world in his position.

He is going to have to struggle a little bit if he wants to be the best winger in world football. 

Can Arnold deliver for Liverpool this season? 

This will be the most pressing matter for all Liverpool fans this season.

They need to know if they will get the best performances from all the players in order to win the Premier League.

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s performances have turned him into one of the most important players at Liverpool.

If he remains at this level during the second half of the current season. He will bring the supporters a lot of happiness.

Arnold knows that he is becoming highly important for his team. He knows how good he is.

The self-confidence that this player reached is truly remarkable. He is on his way to becoming a Reds’ bonified legend.

If he decides to stay at Liverpool throughout his whole career. We might witness Arnold as part of one of football’s most dominant clubs in recent history.

Andy Robertson is also quite an accomplished full-back already. But Arnold is the one who is leading by example.

We know he will only keep improving as time passes by. The sky is the limit for Trent. 

If not Arnold, then who is the best full-back in the world right now? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.