Opinion: Vinicius Junior is ready to start at Real Madrid

Despite the loss against Real Sociedad on Sunday at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid did take a positive from the match: Vinicius Junior’s performance.

Now that Real Madrid has announced the transfer of Brahim Diaz, the club seems like it’s moving forward into the new direction where many players from younger generations will take over from the old guard, Vinicius Junior is part of this revolution at the club.

The Brazilian winger confirmed that he offered his best performance with Los Blancos last Sunday, but he was very upset because the squad lost another three points in the process. Vinicius was the absolute best performer of Los Blancos throughout the 90 minutes, he was a constant danger to Real Sociedad’s defense and was even part of the controversial referee miss call on a penalty committed against him by goalkeeper Rulli.

The whole Real Madrid fan base and the local media were outraged by the lack of response from VAR, they believe that Los Blancos were robbed this time after that specific action on Vinicius.

The response from the player was pretty swift, as he posted images that confirm the clear penalty where he was tripped by the goalkeeper and Rulli didn’t take long to respond with his very own image that proved he touched the ball.

But the main conversation apart from the obvious embarrassing result from Real Madrid, was Vinicius’ performance that only lacked a goal in order to be complete.

Now that Gareth Bale has been discarded due to an injury, the fans base has been demanding that Vinicius takes a starring role in the squad since he clearly is the most in-form player of the team right now.

The style of play the Brazilian has is nowhere near what the whole squad is showing during the current season, he is completely on another level of performance and Santiago Solari would make a huge mistake if he didn’t let the youngster stretch his muscles more now that he’s tasted the starting eleven.

Very reminiscent to the same style of football that Neymar played when he was the same age, Vinicius is a breath of fresh air for a squad that looks tired of winning so many trophies and is in desperate need of new blood with the ambition of winning more collective trophies.

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The Brazilian winger is one of the club’s last hopes to fight for anything this season but the future at the club looks bleak on a collective level unless he or Brahim Diaz have something else to say about it.

As long as the club’s defenders don’t giddy up and start delivering solid performances in the back, whatever Vinicius or Brahim Diaz do won’t matter because no club can fight for anything if they don’t have a good defense.

Santiago Solari’s job just became way more complicated during such a crucial time in the season, as his players have practically thrown La Liga away last Sunday but they still have two more competitions pending to compete.

While the Copa del Rey is the one that looks slightly more accessible for Los Blancos, the Champions League does represent a massive challenge for them because there has been no other squad in history that has ever won a fourth consecutive time; unless you count the Real Madrid that started the old European Cup and won five consecutive trophies.

Vinicius is arguably one of the few players in the squad that actually has the kind of talent that can take Los Blancos out of the whole they got themselves into, those dribbling skills we saw last Sunday have to be put into good use as soon as possible or Real Madrid won’t be able to win anything this season.

Which Real Madrid players would you align alongside Vinicius in order to get the most competitive squad possible? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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