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Opinion: Virgil van Dijk should be the Ballon d’Or candidate

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Now that we know FC Barcelona has been eliminated from the Champions League, the obvious Ballon d’Or candidate must be Virgil van Dijk.

Virgil van Dijk’s performance against FC Barcelona last week was deceiving, the Dutch defender proved he is a worthy Ballon d’Or candidate this year.

During that match, Liverpool FC was actually the better squad between the two clubs but Barcelona grew strong at Camp Nou with Lionel Messi.

There was a lot of people who demanded Messi to get the Ballon d’Or right then after his spectacular performance.

But Van Dijk always kept his cool because he knew that the Reds would have their chance to shine at Anfield Road.

This Tuesday’s Champions League semifinal proved that Liverpool is a far better squad than FC Barcelona in many aspects of the game.

However, the English club is far more dominant on defense due to Virgil van Dijk’s presence in the backline.

The Netherlands’ international offered one of the most solid performance of the season for any defender in European football.

During the 90 minutes, he led Jurgen Klopp’s squad to another clean sheet. He also proved why all his peers selected him as the PFA Players’ Player of the Year in English football just a few weeks earlier.

There is no denying that Van Dijk is in contention to become the best player in the world this season, he should at least be included in the podium.

Salah also deserves a nomination.

Liverpool just keeps surprising the world of football with their keen eye to spot the most talented players, Virgil is only one of at least five players who deserve a nomination.

The Dutch defender is the one who will at least make the podium but other key players will also make the list of 30 nominees.

Mohamed Salah will at list make the Top 10 bu the end of the season for his stellar performances during this final stretch of the year.

The Egyptian forward demonstrated that he is not a “one season wonder” as he is well on his way to becoming the Premier League’s top-scorer for the second year in a row.

This new performance at the highest level must earn the striker another secured spot amongst the players who attend all the galas by the end of the year.

Other players who deserve to be on the list of nominees are Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, and goalkeeper Alisson Becker.

All of these players were elemental in Liverpool’s current results this season and they must be recognized amongst the best in the world.

Liverpool really has done a fantastic scouting job with players who weren’t too famous, that’s the magic Jurgen Klopp has.

Van Dijk is Liverpool’s crown jewel.

But the one player who has already earned his spot in the FIFA The Best Award and Ballon d’Or is Virgil van Dijk.

The Holland international already reached the Champions League final after last night’s epic comeback.

This was the ideal match for him to remind people that he was chosen as the best player in England for a reason.

During the match against Barcelona, Virgil was almost glued to Luis Suarez and he didn’t let Lionel Messi breathe when he encountered the Argentine on the pitch.

The support from all the Liverpool supporters was essential for this player during this game, it was a major boost to his performance.

We even dare to go further with our prediction. If Virgil van Dijk wins the Champions League by the end of the season, we can pretty much assure you that he will be the Ballon d’Or frontrunner.

After looking at the way in which Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo were eliminated, we really have gone past the dominant era those two players had during the last decade.

It is time for other talented players to step forward and take the awards for themselves. Although, we didn’t expect a defender to be the next in line to receive these awards.

This doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to win, Van Dijk has been the best player in the world throughout the season so far.

Do you agree with our prediction, or which player deserves the Ballon d’Or more than Virgil van Dijk this year? Please leave your opinion in the comment section down below.