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Opinion: We disagree with Zidane on Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale, Zidane
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After another forgettable performance against Osasuna, we completely disagree with Zidane’s assessment of Gareth Bale after the match.

Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale is still in limbo during this season, but he is at least still getting Zidane’s support. The Welsh international has been wildly inconsistent throughout the season and before that as well. Sunday’s match against Osasuna was another ideal chance for him to prove himself. However, he still isn’t able to make a difference as he used to.

The Real Madrid fans are fed up with his lack of commitment, and they keep demanding him to leave the institution. The match result was still within Osasuna’s reach with 20 minutes left on the clock, mainly because Gareth Bale wasn’t doing anything on the wing.

Lucas Vazquez got on the pitch as his replacement and almost immediately scored the third goal of the evening. As he left the pitch in Pamplona, there were several jeers directed at him from the Real Madrid visiting stands.

It’s pretty evident that a major disconnect between the player and the supporters is going on right now. Real Madrid ended up winning the game with a comfortable 1-4 scoreline, but doubts about Gareth Bale were clear. 

Zidane still defends Gareth Bale’s attitude. 

During the Copa del Rey elimination against Real Sociedad, the Welshman was heavily criticized again when he was spotted leaving the stadium. As Real Madrid was losing the match, he was photographed in his car.

This rubbed the fans and the local press the wrong way again. Despite this evident attitude of not caring about the club, Zidane thinks the press wants him to antagonize his player.

“Bale is an important player for us, he’s proven that in the past,” said Zidane after tonight’s game via Diario AS.

“He hasn’t played the last three matches and he performed well during 70 minutes today on a defensive aspect. Then, the problem is that you (the press) want us to have a problem with Gareth when there isn’t one.

“There are many players on this team, leading this project is not easy. He is a very important player, he always was and he will keep playing like everyone else.

“He played very well today, I’m very happy with his performance on the attack and the defense. He was a little short of breath near the end, which is why I replaced him with Lucas.

“We know the type of player that he is and how much he can give us until the end of the season. We are counting on Gareth.” 

This is where Zidane is wrong. 

The French manager clearly tried to imply that the press is the one that wants Gareth to have a problem with him. However, we disagree in the sense that the player was the one who brought all this press on himself. He is the one who keeps violating the club’s rules.

Gareth is the one who decided to give golf or his national team more importance than Real Madrid. The injuries he suffered are a product of the lack of discipline he has when he needs to take better care of his body. So yeah, we don’t agree when Zidane says we are the ones looking to destabilize the squad.

All the press does is to report on what they see, and Gareth Bale is not offering the best image for the club. We are looking at similar reactions from the fans and the press because Bale attracts this kind of attention.

If ‘Zizou’ wants us to back off, he needs to speak to his tone-deaf player and make him understand the situation properly. You simply can’t adopt certain conducts when you represent the most successful club in football history. 

Why do you think Zidane keeps defending Gareth Bale? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.