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Opinion: We may not be ready for Ronaldo vs Holland

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Let’s go deeper into the upcoming UEFA Nations League final between Portugal and Holland, we aren’t ready for Ronaldo facing the Dutch.

This Sunday’s UEFA Nations League final will bring us one of the most exciting confrontations of the year, Ronaldo facing Holland’s defense.

The Portuguese forward was the most important player for his squad during the semifinal match against Switzerland, he scored an impressive hat-trick.

This result gave the locals a chance to play their third major tournament final in history, but winning this game won’t be easy at all.

The rivals they could face were either England or the Netherlands, Cristiano Ronaldo would’ve certainly preferred to play against the Three Lions.

The Dutch squad arguably has one of the most competitive defensive duos in recent memory, they certainly are the best two defenders of the season and they play together for their country.

Ronaldo’s veteran status will face these two incredible players on Sunday, he’s always been ready for a challenge like this but he doesn’t have the upper hand.

Even though Portugal are the tournament’s hosts this time around, the Dutch are considered favorites just for having these two defenders that we are about to describe.

You already know who we are talking about, but we need to get into specifics about them.

Matthijs de Ligt

The young defender had a breakthrough season at AFC Ajax, he finished the season as the squad’s captain and winning the double for his club.

De Ligt is an ideal leader that any player would fear when they are moving towards the goal. This kid has been proving all season that he has what it takes to play against any major star.

De Ligt is a defender who has many characteristics that remind us of vintage Carles Puyol.

A player who is completely fearless when he goes to clash with an attacking player, he doesn’t care about risking his own physique as long as it means stopping the opposition.

Matthijs is already in the Top 5 of the best defenders in the world right now, he certainly will make it to the nominations that FIFA and France Football deliver at the end of the year.

This player’s resilience is better understood simply by looking at the previous match he played, the one in which the Netherlands defeated England in order to reach the Nations League final.

De Ligt made the initial mistake that cost his squad a goal, he lamented this but refused to give up.

His mental strength is what brought his squad back in the game, that and his potent header that equalized the match during the second half.

This is the type of player that Ronaldo is facing on one side of the box, but this is not the biggest challenge for Cristiano.

Virgil van Dijk

The Netherlands’ captain is the biggest threat that Cristiano Ronaldo is facing this Sunday, the Liverpool player is arguably the best player of the season.

Van Dijk is after retribution from Ronaldo, the Dutch defender is still feeling the heartbreak from last year’s Champions League defeat.

The man did win the same tournament this season but he really hated losing against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid.

What the stats are saying about Van Dijk is completely true, no offensive player has gone past him this season.

The Reds’ defender has played against Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Neymar, Antoine Griezmann, and all the offensive players from the Premier League.

None of them has been able to dribble past him this season, Virgil van Dijk only has Cristiano Ronaldo left to face and let us know if he truly is the best player in the world right now.

Winning a new trophy for Cristiano won’t be easy, it never has been but this weekend poses another massive challenge for him.

We think none of us are ready to experience this confrontation, sparks will fly through the air when Portugal and Holland face at Do Dragao Stadium in Porto this Sunday.

Ronaldo against the Dutch duo will be the main attraction.

Who will win the UEFA Nations League final, Ronaldo’s Portugal or Virgil van Dijk’s Holland? Please leave your opinion in the comment section down below.