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Opinion: Whatever happens with Neymar, PSG is the loser

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As we approach the very last hours of the Neymar saga, we can already tell you that PSG is the biggest loser regardless of what happens.

We are in the final days of the whole Neymar drama with PSG, we still don’t know if he will go to Barcelona but we can already tell you who is the loser of this story.

The French club started trying to take over the football world when the country of Qatar decided to purchase it, the Emir from that country made the decision to inject money into the club.

This is way after Ronaldinho played for them, a modern time in which the club began to lure as many players as possible with money.

Footballers like Edinson Cavani or Zlatan Ibrahimovic didn’t complain, they never attempted to leave the club and they never had any problems.

However, there are some cases in which Paris Saint-Germain had to practically kidnap some of their stars after luring them with false promises.

For some strange reason, FC Barcelona has always been linked to the problems that PSG has in regards to keeping their best players.

The Catalan club has tried to sign at least four of them in the past, something that really angered Nasser Al-Khelaifi and pushed him to retaliate.

You need to understand something about powerful people from the Middle East, they can hold a grudge against anybody.

It all started with Thiago Silva.

In their attempt to improve their club as one of the institutions with the biggest tradition in Europe, it was natural that FC Barcelona would attempt to sign some of PSG’s best players.

Here we had an up and coming football squad that was barely starting to make a name for itself in the market, and in Europe as well.

There was a time when they simply couldn’t compete against the most powerful clubs in the world, which is why they struggled to maintain some of them in the beginning.

But Al-Khelaifi had specific instructions from the Emir, he was not to sell any of the best players that the club had.

This is exactly what the chairman did, and he also rejected more offers from Barcelona for another three players.

Marco Verratti, Marquinhos, and Adrien Rabiot also were in the Catalan club’s plans.

In some of these cases, the Spanish giants even reached final agreements with the players but PSG refused to let them leave.

This whole situation started a very contentious relationship between both institutions, to the point where the French squad decided to go after one of Barcelona’s greatest players.

At this point, the Paris squad built a reputation of keeping their best players inside jails made of pure gold.

Al-Khelaifi followed instructions and decided to go after Neymar, they didn’t expect the player to respond to the offer at first.

However, the footballer’s father saw the money and went crazy over the possibilities. Not even Neymar knew what he was getting himself into, a decision that he will regret for the rest of his life.

PSG also ended up regretting on the whole Neymar debacle, they had a player who never delivered on what was promised.

The Brazilian only made PSG spend a fortune and he got gravely injured twice in the process, they are already losing the battle.

Regardless of what happens with his future, Ney already knows that he won’t lose this battle against the French tyrants.

PSG wants to get rid of this waste of money and time, but they know that they are losers even if they get all their money.

Because if there is something that will always be more valuable than money, it’s time.

This player made PSG waste two years of their growing period when they could’ve gone for an entirely different player, someone who wasn’t as unreliable as Neymar Jr.

What can PSG do in order to not feel like the losers of this story? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.