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Opinion: World Cup Karma has been cruel to Argentina 

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After five years of their latest World Cup heartbreak, we look into Argentina’s bad Karma with this competition that has lasted 33 years.

The Argentina National Team is one of the most successful squads in football history, they have won two World Cup titles but they did it under mysterious circumstances.

One could even say that neither of both trophies were deserved, we will talk to you about the very specific reasons why the general public believes this.

Karma seems to have taken over any of Argentina’s success stories, all due to the undeserved titles they won in 1978 and 1986.

Having Lionel Messi has been of no help for Argentina to win a major trophy, they only won the 2008 Olympics and no other title came their way ever since.

We will go through the two moments that affected Argentina’s winning capabilities in a chronological manner.

This all ties up into how much the Argentina squad suffered during the 2014 World Cup final in Brazil, a match in which they had at least three chances but couldn’t complete a single one of them.

It’s been 5 years since they lost that game and we still can’t explain how they missed those chances they got, Argentina should’ve won the tournament with at least a 2-0 victory.

All we can do in order to explain this, is that divine intervention played an important role in this very painful defeat that Argentina suffered.

The 1978 World Cup.

This happened as Argentina was going through a dictatorship during the ’70s, Cesar Luis Menotti managed the squad.

It was pretty evident that the local team was one of the most powerful in the competition, but there have been doubts about the legitimacy of their victory for many decades.

The players they had at the time were nowhere near the level of other national teams at the time such as Germany or the Netherlands.

However, this team still managed to win the final against the Dutch.

It was famously reported that Johan Cruyff decided to not compete in this tournament because he didn’t want to be a part of the corruption.

In later decades, the late Dutch player stated that he had some family issues he needed to attend and that’s the reason he didn’t play this competition.

Argentina was acknowledged as the World Cup champions thanks to a memorable performance from Mario Alberto Kempes, but the doubts about that tournament will never be cleared.

Still, this national team was about to enter the most dominant era in their history thanks to Diego Maradona.

The Argentine genius missed the 1978 World Cup due to the manager’s decision, but he played the next four tournaments at an incredible level of performance.

Diego played the 1982 World Cup but he was eliminated by Italy and Brazil in the Group Stage.

The Hand of God.

By the time the 1986 World Cup came, it was evident that Diego Maradona was the best player in the world at the time and he would take Argentina quite far in the competition.

The controversial moment came after Diego scored a handball goal during the crucial match against the England National Team.

The replay can show us that Maradona did score the goal with his hand, something he didn’t accept until years later.

If VAR had existed during that era, Diego wouldn’t have scored that goal.

There was absolutely no need for Argentina to get this kind of help from the referee, they were already the best squad in the competition at the time.

Winning the World Cup in this manner was the reason we believe Karma is coming back to collect an old debt.

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, it is clear that some higher power doesn’t want Argentina to win a World Cup title yet.

Lionel Messi has both Maradona and the Argentine government to thank for this terrible fortune that fell on his shoulders, he might never win a title with his country due to this Karma.

We know you may not believe in stuff like this, but we really do and that’s why we thought to talk about this subject.

What do you think about Argentina paying for old Karma? Please leave your opinion in the comment section down below.