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Opinion: Yo Real Madrid! Neymar is not worth €350 million

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After Real Madrid’s debacle last week, a report from Diario Sport suggests they are preparing a €350m offer for Neymar. We tell you why he ain’t worth it.

Back when Neymar Junior played for FC Barcelona and PSG decided to pay the €222 million for his transfer, we never believed that was something even possible but the French giants proved us wrong and Real Madrid is trying to do the same.

We all know how obsessed Florentino Perez has been with signing the Brazilian player since he was practically a teenager, but there has always been an obstacle that has prevented him from becoming a player for Los Blancos.

The recent heartbreak at Paris Saint-Germain has been too great to ignore for Neymar, who may end up choosing a different path by next summer but his options are extremely limited as there is only a handful of squads that would pay his price tag.

We obviously have Chelsea or Manchester City, squads that would instantly pay whatever they need to bring Neymar to their ranks and would offer him a competitive squad that could get him the trophies he needs in order to become the best player in the world.

But going to the English Premier League has never been a priority for Neymar, his idea is to play for the very best clubs in the world and we know there are only two that he really cares about.

The Brazilian recently revealed that he already fulfilled his dream of playing for FC Barcelona but his other dream remains, he obviously would like to play for Real Madrid as he revealed in countless interviews when he was just a boy.

The problem here is that according to Diario Sport, Los Blancos are preparing a massive €350 million offer for PSG and they are going to try their best to get the club to agree on these terms.

What we really don’t understand is how Florentino Perez is still so obsessed with buying this Brazilian player with all that’s happened to him in the last year, Neymar has gone through several obstacles at PSG that have shaped his career in a negative light and it will surely affect his level of performance moving forward.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi can say all he wants in public about Neymar not being for sale, but even he has noticed that this player is not really what was promised and the French club already has Kylian Mbappe to think about that franchise player who may take them to win the Champions League in the upcoming years.

When the club starts reading about this alleged offer that Florentino is getting ready for the Brazilian player, it would be stupid not to take it.

The reality is that Neymar is not worth €350 million, he wasn’t even worth €222 when Barcelona sold him and that is the reason they didn’t really fight that much to keep him at the club.

We had the opportunity to send a direct message to Neymar through his Instagram account, we attempted to get through to him and ask him to stop risking his legs so much with his style of play that he refuses to drop aside.

Our argument is that we really do think that Neymar is one of the most talented Brazilian players of the last decade, but he is jeopardizing his career with the way in which he keeps risking himself by getting injured so much and we would like him to make some modifications to his game.

We really don’t think that the Brazilian player will even read our message because he has over 60 million followers in there, but we certainly hope he does because he isn’t really worth that much money if he keeps playing like that and getting himself injured more regularly.

Florentino Perez and Real Madrid would be stupid if they really paid that much for a player who may never triumph outside of Messi’s shadow, we doubt that Los Blancos’ president is even thinking about making such offer.

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