Opinion: Zinedine Zidane should earn more than Simeone

Now that we know how much money Zinedine Zidane will be earning at Real Madrid, we think he should earn more than Diego Simeone.

To those who didn’t know, Atletico Madrid has Diego Simeone as the highest-paid manager in the world and he is even above other coaches such as Zinedine Zidane.

The French manager’s wage on his new spell for Los Blancos was recently revealed by El Confidencial, he came back earning a steady €12 million per season from this moment forward after taxes.

When he left the club less than a year ago, ‘Zizou’ was earning €7,5 million per season after tax.

We don’t see any problem with this as he has earned a good €4,5 million increase from the last salary he had before leaving Los Blancos.

However, looking at the other manager’s wages we found an incredible discrepancy when we compare his wage to the ones that other managers make in some of the biggest clubs in the world.

The one with which we have the biggest problems is Diego Simeone’s annual wage, as the Argentine manager earns an insane €23,5 million per season after tax.

You heard correctly, the Atletico Madrid manager makes more money than any of his players at the Colchoneros and he is by far the highest paid coach in Europe.

The manager who comes slightly closer to Diego Simeone is Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, the Catalan boss earns a good €18 million per season after tax and we believe he completely deserves this wage.

But we really have to say that Diego Simeone’s salary is way exaggerated considering that he hasn’t really won too many important trophies with the Colchoneros, those two UEFA Europa League trophies are in no way compared to the three consecutive Champions League titles that Zinedine Zidane won in the last three seasons.

While we are aware that the French manager himself is the one who probably accepted these terms of his new deal because he loves the club, it’s really unnerving to think that Diego Simeone demanded this wage when he hasn’t really done a lot to completely deserve it.

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One La Liga title in seven years is simply not good enough to make that kind of money, but that is only our humble opinion.

Now that the Argentine manager has been eliminated from the biggest competition in Europe once more, it’s hard to think of good reasons why the Spanish club shouldn’t sack him immediately considering how much money they have invested in him throughout the years.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez should see reason with his newly acquired spending politics, he shouldn’t even hesitate to make Zinedine Zidane the highest paid manager in the world after what he did for the club in the last three seasons.

Our theory about this is that Zinedine Zidane agreed on this new contract because he still thinks that he needs to prove himself with a new project that he is starting completely from scratch on this second spell of his, it’s still unclear if ‘Zizou’ will get the same results this time around at Real Madrid and he owes it to himself to prove that he is completely capable of doing it.

As long as he doesn’t prove that he truly is the best possible manager for Los Blancos, Zinedine Zidane will continue to accept smaller checks than he really deserves as his actions speak highly of a man with principles.

Diego Simeone may have transformed Atletico Madrid into the most competitive Colchonero side in history, but that still hasn’t been good enough for them to win more trophies than they have already won during the time he’s coached the squad.

What do you think about Diego Simeone earning nearly double of what Zidane is making at Real Madrid? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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