Opinion: Zinedine Zidane should reject Real Madrid’s offer

MADRID, SPAIN - MAY 22: Head coach Zinedine Zidane of Real Madrid CF leaves a press conference during the Real Madrid UEFA Open Media Day ahead of the UEFA Champions League Final match between Real Madrid and Liverpool at Valdebebas training ground on May 22, 2018 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images)

Now that there is an option for Zinedine Zidane to go back to Real Madrid, we really believe that the French manager should reject the offer.

We all woke up with the news that Zinedine Zidane was actually entertaining the idea of going back to Real Madrid, president Florentino Perez wanted him to take control of the squad as soon as possible but the Frenchman allegedly told him that he would do so until the end of the season.

‘Zizou’ left Los Blancos in the best possible manner, at the very top after winning three consecutive Champions League trophies with the club and without staining his immaculate image.

We truly believe that Zidane would make a huge mistake if he decided to actually go back to Los Blancos, doing so would completely jeopardize his perfect record and could mess up his pitch-perfect career beginning.

We have been talking about the French manager’s many options for the better part of the season, he has already entertained the idea of coaching massive clubs such as Manchester United or Juventus.

We even thought that his desire was to coach the Italian giants given that he already has a prolific past at this club when he was a player, going back to Real Madrid would be a step backward because the possibilities of him succeeding this time around are much slimmer than they were when he managed the club three years ago.

Zidane already knew that Los Blancos was a ticking bomb, one that just went off last Tuesday and has left the club in complete shambles.

Without the French manager, Real Madrid has gone through the worst moments in their long history but he wasn’t the only component that made it fail miserably in every competition.

Zidane is possibly one of the smartest figures in world football, he knew that the red flags kept emerging during his three seasons at the club and he wasn’t going to stay for the moment in which everything crumbled apart.

This might seems like a cheeky way of leaving but the man also has to think about his career, ‘Zizou’ is relatively new to the whole scene despite his early success and he has always struck us as a man with a master plan which has brought him to conquer goals that very few people in football have achieved both as a player and a manager.

We really don’t see the reason why the man should risk his livelihood in that fashion just because a president who not always saw eye to eye with him, has practically begged him to return.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 12: Kylian Mbappe of PSG celebrates after scoring his sides second goal during the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 First Leg match between Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain at Old Trafford on February 12, 2019 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

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We urge Zinedine Zidane to reconsider his final decision, this is not the ideal time to come back to Los Blancos and his stature shouldn’t be diminished in this manner.

Zinedine Zidane is not a fireman who can put out every fire that gets started at the Santiago Bernabeu, we are talking about the only manager in history who has won the Champions League three times in a row.

This man is a legend who should be treated accordingly and president Florentino Perez doesn’t deserve him after the many disagreements they had, there are even versions of the French manager already saying no to Perez right now but he really is considering on taking the squad by June.

We believe that the best option for Real Madrid is to find a manager who has never coached this club but has all the credentials to succeed, the names that come to mind instantly are Mauricio Pochettino or Jurgen Klopp.

Having either the Frenchman or Jose Mourinho as the final options are a sign that the club’s board really is running out of ideas, Florentino Perez would do the club a favor if he resigned from his post because he has been in power for too long and his judgment is starting to get clouded.

We know that there is a fat chance Zidane will listen to us, which is why we are telling you all right now that the French manager will put his short but sweet legacy in jeopardy next season and he will fail.

Where do you think Zinedine Zidane should go next summer? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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