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Opinion: Zinedine Zidane will get tired of Florentino

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After his statements on Saturday about the club’s direction, we can already predict Zinedine Zidane getting fed up with Florentino Perez and quit.

Zinedine Zidane’s statements from this Saturday were very revealing to the press and the people, he will get tired of Florentino Perez.

The Real Madrid president doesn’t understand that the French manager is not another one of his puppets that he can bend to his will.

Even though the boss denied any disagreement with Florentino, we already know how he operates and we also know that both men already had problems in the past.

The main reason why Zidane left in the first place was because of a disagreement with Perez.

Florentino can’t keep thinking that anybody will do as he requests just because he is the chairman of the most successful club in football history.

Zidane did his best to make us believe that everything is okay, but he did leave a small message to the president before he finished his exchange with the press earlier on Saturday.

The manager told the media that he believes that he is still managing the club as he wants, but he will resign if he doesn’t feel that things are going that way.

This was a direct dig at Florentino, who had a massive disagreement with ‘Zizou’ last week over Keylor Navas.

The president used his media apparatus to announce that the Costa Rica international was out of the squad without consulting Zidane.

Zidane is blaming the wrong person.

The manager was evidently angry for what the press said about Keylor Navas and his alleged desire to leave his son Luca on the position.

He immediately started pointing his finger to the media outlet that broke the news at the start of last week.

But the Frenchman fails to see that the main culprit here is Florentino, his circle is the one that broke this information and they wanted it in public.

Given that the board wasn’t able to convince Zidane about Keylor Navas’ exit from the institution, Florentino’s circle decided to conduct a rash move that Zidane didn’t like.

The manager was placed in a tough position because he has been telling Keylor Navas that he wouldn’t leave all season.

But Perez doesn’t ant Keylor on the squad for some inexplicable reason, and this latest stunt proves he is willing to do anything to kick him out of the squad.

Florentino needs to be careful, he can’t play those cards against his own manager because Zidane won’t hesitate to leave the club if he gets a single whiff that his own president is involved in this information leakage.

We are about to watch Real Madrid for the last time in La Liga this season, things need to cool down a bit during the summer.

What will happen with Keylor Navas?

Things are not clear right now after Zidane just came after the media for the news that broke last week.

The manager’s words made us all believe that he is still adamant on keeping the goalkeeper and he will go to extreme measures to do so.

Keylor has been on the receiving end of many ill-intentioned situations against him for long enough, perhaps he is the one who should step down.

We don’t know if president Florentino Perez will continue his campaign to kick Navas out of the squad but we will keep you informed about anything that happens.

All we can do is wait for now, Real Madrid still has one last match to finish this nightmare season.

Zidane said it himself during the press conference earlier today, the season ending is the best thing that can happen to Real Madrid after such a horrible year they’ve experienced thus far.

‘Zizou’ has many open fronts within the club, but he needs to confront them in privacy and without the media’s watchful eye.

How long do you think Zidane can take Florentino Perez’s pressure over Keylor Navas and other topics? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.