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Opinion: Zinedine Zidane will resign before getting sacked

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Ahead of the most difficult weeks in his career as a manager, we are convinced that Zinedine Zidane would resign before getting sacked.

There has been a lot of buzz about Zinedine Zidane possibly getting sacked if he doesn’t get positive results over the next two weeks at Real Madrid.

Los Blancos are already traveling to Sevilla to face Julen Lopetegui’s squad at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan on Sunday.

This is clearly a dangerous visit for the Spanish giants as they are currently going through a tough time in the season.

The most recent defeat at Parc des Princes unleashed an onslaught of ruthless criticism against Zinedine Zidane, a coach who decided to come back to help the club last season.

But before we talk about the reasons news outlets are talking about Zidane possibly getting sacked, we need to remember the circumstances in which he left in the first place.

Just as he finished yet another brilliant season with another UEFA Champions League trophy on his hands, the French manager shocked the world and left on his own terms.

As a true Real Madrid fan, it was obvious that Zidane wouldn’t accept getting any money after making this decision.

His plan was to step down while he was still at the top and look for new exciting opportunities.

But he wasn’t able to take the pain that his beloved Real Madrid was going through, Zidane was convinced by Florentino to return before the end of the season.

This is where we believe ‘Zizou‘ made his first big mistake, we wrote about it when it all happened a few months ago.

There is no reason to tamper with something that isn’t broken, Zidane’s career was perfect as it was before making the decision to return to Real Madrid.

But the Frenchman’s love for the club was the reason he decided to mess up his legacy like that, we could all see that this club was a sinking ship from the moment ‘Zizou’ and Ronaldo decided to leave.

Knowing how he has operated in the past, we are convinced that Zidane will try to play out the next two weeks as best as he can.

However, we do think he knows that the end of his journey as Real Madrid’s manager is near.

We believe that ‘Zizou’ won’t give Florentino Perez the satisfaction of sacking him, we are calling it right now before anybody else does it.

We think that Zidane will resign before getting axed by the chairman if the results he wants don’t get here.

A scandalous defeat against Sevilla could certainly seal the deal, but losing at the Wanda Metropolitano in a couple of weeks would be truly catastrophic.

We think there is a chance for him to resign if the squad lose painfully on Sunday, but we are convinced he will if the same thing happens against Atletico Madrid.

Zidane won’t accept any money for his decision.

Zinedine Zidane’s core philosophy is to remain faithful to the institutions that gave him everything in the past, which is the reason he resigned from Real Madrid in the first place.

In this same spirit, we believe that ‘Zizou’ wouldn’t charge a single euro if he decided to leave the club.

Keep in mind that Los Blancos would have to pay a staggering €50 million before tax just to let him go, this is something that the French manager doesn’t agree with.

Knowing that he wasn’t able to fulfill the duty he signed up for, it would be a betrayal to his principles if he charged any of that money from the club.

After this happens, the road for Zidane will be uncertain because of the way in which he damaged his image during the last few months.

The situation at Real Madrid was obviously out of his control, this is a club that is going through a rough transition period and they need time to readjust.

Florentino Perez has the insane idea that he can simply fix everything by bringing a new manager to the institution, this doesn’t work at clubs that are going through these changes.

There are many veteran players who need to leave, and still some new transfers that need to happen in order to have the complete revamp of the roster.

Actually, Zidane should resign as soon as he can before he messes up his legacy even further.

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