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Opinion: Zlatan can bring AC Milan back to days of glory

Zlatan, AC Milan
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If he takes good care of his body, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is capable of bringing AC Milan back to their glory days. The Lion is back!

We just saw Zlatan Ibrahimovic scoring his first goal for AC Milan after more than two thousand days away from Serie A.

This is an event that we were all expecting, but nobody was certain it could happen.

The Swedish striker is already 38 years old, we all know that the end of his career is near.

But Ibra is a stubborn character, he will go out on his own terms.

For a player who’s been so wildly successful throughout his career, it’s only natural that Zlatan would want to retire until he wins a trophy.

This is not negotiable for him, the AC Milan star wants to go out with a bang.

AC Milan has a lot of work to do if they want to win some more titles before the man retires.

We are talking about a legendary striker who won more than a dozen consecutive league titles.

Zlatan has always been a man of high standards, he doesn’t take defeat for an answer.

When he suffered that terrible injury at Manchester United, any other player would’ve given up and retired for good.

But Ibra wanted to prove himself that he could get back to play at the highest level.

He was determined to recover completely and prove the world he wasn’t finished. 

Zlatan loves a proper challenge. 

By the time he was certain that he recovered his level of performance back, he had a tough choice to make.

Instead of trying to find an easy solution that would bring him more titles before retirement, Ibra wanted to struggle.

We could’ve easily seen Zlatan play for Juventus, Real Madrid, or another Premier League club.

Any other player would’ve picked a winning side where he could express himself to the full extent of his abilities.

But Ibrahimovic made a decision that came from his heart and his competitive instinct.

The man wanted to play for a club that he felt familiar with, and one that truly needed his skills.

The choice wasn’t surprising but it could’ve been better, Zlatan wants to struggle in order to get the retirement he wants.

He knows that taking AC Milan back to the top of Serie A before he retires will feel better than winning the Champions League with Liverpool.

We have to say that only true leaders like Ibra are capable of making this happen.

It’s such a daunting task that any other footballer would reject, but this man loves the prospect of just trying. 

Zlatan is not as fast as he used to be. 

We didn’t know if he was capable of scoring a goal for AC Milan. Today’s match at Cagliari was going to clear any doubt.

From the first moment we saw him running on the pitch, it was evident that this Zlatan is not the same from the past.

This isn’t the same quick player who conquered Serie A with three of the biggest clubs in the country.

This isn’t the dribbling demon we all fell in love with, but Ibra still has that experience.

Instead, we got a wiser striker who knows exactly when to make his runs and where to stand before scoring a goal.

Suddenly, we realized this version of Zlatan could actually make AC Milan competitive again.

But the player can’t do everything himself. The Rossoneri need to sign a couple of players who can help the striker play to the full extent of his current abilities.

We know that he will score a lot of goals in Serie A. But we still have no idea how well he will do against the biggest clubs in the country.

We don’t think he will be very important against Inter Milan or Juventus with the teammates that surround him.

We are only being realistic over here. Zlatan would truly surprise us if he wins the Serie A title all by himself. 

Do you think Zlatan Ibrahimovic is enough for AC Milan to be competitive again? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.