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Opinion: Zlatan Ibrahimovic has the talent to play in Italy

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Let’s talk about the most recent statements that Zlatan Ibrahimovic made about his future, he is still good enough to play in Italy.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s best years were during his time in Italy, the Swedish striker is still playing in the MLS right now but he just hinted at a chance to return to Serie A.

We honestly would love it if Zlatan would return to this championship, he recently got a call from Sinisa Mihajlovic about the possibility to return to Italian football.

Although the Swedish striker acknowledged he would play for Bologna only because of his friend, he also recognized that he wants to fight to win trophies.

This is where the emotions started taking over us, as Zlatan sent a message to SSC Napoli and Carlo Ancelotti.

The LA Galaxy player still sounds hungry for trophies and he immediately praised Diego Maradona’s career in Italian football.

As soon as we realized what this is all about, we quickly understood that Zlatan returning to Serie A could be a possibility.

Keep in mind that this competition is famous for having some of the best veterans throughout history, they have Cristiano Ronaldo right now.

A confrontation between both stars in their twilight years would be simply incredible.

We would love to watch both Ibra and Ronaldo playing the same match against each other, Zlatan wouldn’t mind either.

During a recent interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, the Swedish striker revealed how much he would like to return to Serie A.

“It remains the most difficult league in the world,” said Zlatan in the interview.

“I appreciated the recent documentary about Diego Maradona and nobody was like him. Seeing the love that the city had for him, it makes me feel like I’d enjoy an experience at Napoli: it’d be fantastic to replicate what Diego did there.”

“I’m not saying I will go there, as the final decision depends on many aspects, that that is a fanbase that creates enthusiasm. With me in the team, the San Paolo would be packed every Sunday. Plus there’s Carlo Ancelotti, one of the greats.”

“I don’t know Conte personally, but everyone says he gives 500 percent every single day. In that, we are the same, so I imagine we’d get along very well. We both believe that the spirit of sacrifice is the only path to success.”

“Inter really have a great coup in getting Conte. Juve remain the favorites, but the Nerazzurri are certainly growing. Napoli need something more and everyone else is further behind.”

“The big clubs are investing now and I do not change my belief that Serie A, especially for a striker, remains the reference point and the most difficult league in the world.”

“Mihajlovic is a friend, so if I were to choose Bologna, it’d be just for him. We have spoken recently. He told me: ‘Zlatan, here the others would run for you. All you need to do is stay up there and put the ball in the net.’”

“I thank him, but it’s probably unlikely to happen. If I change my mind, then I’ll call him straight away, especially because I could still get 20 goals in Serie A.”

Zlatan needs to let the Guardiola incident go.

During this interview, the legendary player spoke against Pep Guardiola again. He didn’t hesitate to compare him with Jose Mourinho, and he keeps talking smack about the Catalan manager.

It’s not odd to think that Ibra holds a grudge against Pep for ruining a part of his career in Spanish football.

He was one of the most talented players in the world during that time, and he had high hopes when he arrived in Barcelona.

Zlatan still can’t explain why he never managed to convince Pep Guardiola that he was one of his best options.

“Mourinho will always be the Special One. He had an incredible impact on my career. I’d love to see him back in the dugout. Wherever he goes next, he will succeed,” said Ibra.

“There was never any confrontation with Guardiola, he made sure of that. When they played against my team, I went back to the dressing room after the game and he was in a room waiting for me to leave,” he added.

“At the door, one of his assistants told him: ‘Ibra has gone, you can come out now.’ I never understood why.”

“On television, he always plays the tough guy but when there’s a real meeting face-to-face, he hides. As a coach he is a phenomenon, but as a man…”

How much would you like to see Zlatan Ibrahimovic back in Serie A? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.