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Opinion: Zlatan Ibrahimovic will regret criticizing Ronaldo

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo
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After his most recent comments about Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic will regret going after the Juventus player in Serie A.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s return to Serie A is pretty much a done deal. He should’ve thought twice before criticizing Cristiano Ronaldo.

Instead of joining him at Juventus, all the roads point to his return to AC Milan.

We all know the history that the Swedish striker has in Italian football, those who don’t should look it up.

Zlatan’s first option was to play at Juventus after he left AFC Ajax. He won two Serie A titles when he played there.

After the controversial Calciopoli scandal, Ibrahimovic decided to jump ship to Internazionale Milano.

He played his better years as a footballer with the Nerazzurri. However, his final club was AC Milan and this is where he developed his biggest connection to an Italian club.

After winning five Serie A titles. Ibrahimovic became a Rossoneri when he realized FC Barcelona wasn’t a good fit for him.

The striker won his sixth Scudetto during the 2010-11 campaign, and then he moved to PSG.

Now that a long time has passed. Zlatan seems destined to return to Milano and finish his career in Italian football.

We recently offered him a chance to play at Juventus next to Cristiano. But Ibra wants to suffer in order to get another title. 

For Zlatan, there is only one Ronaldo. 

We’ve already reported that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is hyping his return to Serie A. He did it through an article on GQ Magazine.

The Swedish forward spoke about many controversial topics. He criticized football in the United States and how their system is flawed.

He spoke about sending Marco Materazzi to the hospital. And he also hinted on his return to Italian football.

But there is a very specific part of this article that we missed, and perhaps the most important.

When asked if he would find the real Ronaldo in Serie A, Zlatan denied it.

“None of that! The real Ronaldo is Brazilian,” said Zlatan in the interview.

“Cristiano doesn’t possess a natural talent. It’s a fruit of all his hard work. He signed for a club that won Serie A seven consecutive times.”

“Going to any club in that manner doesn’t represent a challenge.”

“If he wanted a challenge, he should’ve gone to Juventus when they were relegated to Serie B in order to promote it back to Serie A and take it back to the top.”

“Now we know that all those Ballon d’Or trophies weren’t won by Cristiano Ronaldo, but by Florentino Perez,” he added. 

Where does this hate for Ronaldo come from? 

In order to understand Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s hateful comments against Cristiano Ronaldo, we have to go back six years.

It was the end of 2013 and Sweden had to play against Portugal for one of the last 2014 World Cup tickets.

This was arguably the moment in which Ibrahimovic retired from the national team, and Ronaldo was the one who made it happen.

With a stellar performance from the Portuguese star, Portugal eliminated Sweden and Ibra didn’t play that World Cup in Brazil.

Now that they might meet again in Serie A, we can confirm that Zlatan didn’t learn his lesson.

Cristiano Ronaldo hates it when a fellow footballer talks smack about him for no reason.

The best way for the Juventus player to respond is on the pitch. As soon as Zlatan gets to face Cristiano again, he will regret making those comments.

Ibrahimovic may be one of the best players of the last 20 years, but he is nowhere near Cristiano Ronaldo’s level.

We believe all these comments are pure envy against the Portuguese star. A mix of that and a little resentment. 

Why do you think Zlatan Ibrahimovic made this criticism against Cristiano Ronaldo? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.