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Ottmar Hitzfeld compares Jadon Sancho with Franck Ribery

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Due to the amazing first season he is having at Borussia Dortmund at the moment, Jadon Sancho has drawn comparisons to Franck Ribery.

Now that we think about it more carefully after Ottmar Hitzfeld’s latest comments about Jadon Sancho reminding him of a young Franck Ribery, we actually do see the resemblance in their game when the French winger was younger.

If the English player gets to live half of the career that Ribery had during his prime, Sancho can rest assured that he will be very successful but we believe he is even aiming higher than that.

The Franck Ribery that immediately came to mind when Hitzfeld spoke about this comparison, was the youngster from the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, a memory that is very fresh to Ottmar because he was living in that country at the time and he was the one who brought the French player to Bayern Munich after what he saw in that specific tournament.

The fans who enjoyed that summer tournament saw France reaching the final against Italy and mostly remember Zidane, but Franck Ribery was the competition’s biggest revelation by far and he proved that he would become one of the best players in the world for the next decade.

A very similar feeling is happening with Jadon Sancho right now, the lad is proving that he is on his way to the very top.

The way in which Jadon has irrupted in the Bundesliga this season has left everybody speechless, they don’t think there has ever been an English talent quite like him since Wayne Rooney appeared in world football nearly two decades ago.

Hitzfeld is convinced that he will develop his skills perfectly in the Bundesliga, which is why he expects the young talent to remain at Borussia Dortmund for a few more years.

“Sancho surprised everybody,” Hitzfeld told Omnisport.

“He’s a gifted player, very fast, technically perfect, he always has a trick up his sleeves.”

“He reminds me of the young Franck Ribery, who was also very tricky and going for goal as a young player.”

“Sancho is like that and he also has the speed to make a name for himself in international football.”

“It’s becoming more and more difficult for the Bundesliga, and specifically Borussia Dortmund, to retain players like Jadon Sancho,” he added.

“If you have a long-term contract with a top team in England, money is a big factor.”

“The question is, how does Sancho’s management see the situation? Do you say, ‘I’ll stay with Dortmund where I’m a starter, instead of joining a top team too early and only sit on the bench’.”

“For his career, it would certainly be better to remain at Dortmund for one or two years.”

The problem with Jadon Sancho staying in Germany lies in his country’s competition, it is very rare for a young English player of his talent to not eventually play in his own country.

We all know that Jadon Sancho seems bound to make his Premier League debut sometime in the near future, but the Bundesliga powers are going to delay this decision for as long as they can because they know Sancho elevates the competition’s level of performance.

Manchester United is the most interested party on Jadon Sancho’s future, but Borussia Dortmund’s board of directors have repeatedly stated that they don’t expect him to leave next summer and they want him to continue his rise to the very top.

Dortmund has a problem with keeping their young talents inside the club, they tend to sell some of their biggest talents for incredibly elevated prices and they sometimes can’t resist to offers that become too high to reject.

The latest example of this was Ousmane Dembele, who left to play in Barcelona for nearly €130 million.

These comparisons that Hitzfeld is making between Sancho and Ribery are not helpful if they Dortmund want to keep their player.

Do you agree with Hitzfeld or does Jadon Sancho remind you of another player apart from Franck Ribery? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.