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Ouch – New tackling technique – Ogbonna grabs Aguero’s b***s

Sergio Aguero, angelo ogbonna
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We might need to check the UEFA rule book on this new and painful tackle, as Angelo Ogbonna forces the error by grabbing Sergio Aguero by his b***s.

It appears that all sense of decency has gone out of the window in modern football. After the recent spate of penis biting, today we now have ball grabbing.

At least the penis bitter was punished for his actions.

West Ham United’s Angelo Ogbonna got away with his crime.

Argentine goal-machine Sergio Aguero was about to pull the trigger and most likely score his 17th Premier League goal of the season.

Ogbonna was beaten, there was only one thing left to do.

You all thought I was going to say foul him, and give away a penalty and take a red card for the team.

Oh no, think again, you would never guess in a million years because nobody would dare do such a thing.

Angelo Ogbonna reaches around Sergio Aguero and grabs himself a handful of nuts, Aguero’s nuts!

He missed the shot, and the Italian defender went unpunished.

It’s gruesome!