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Our opinion on Ronaldo, Koeman, and Mourinho’s future

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Constant rumours are hovering regarding Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronald Koeman, and Jose Mourinho’s future, and we provide you with our opinion.

Should Ronaldo leave Juventus?

One of the most mouth-watering debates right now is Cristiano Ronaldo’s situation in Turin. And whether or not he should say goodbye to Bianconeri and search for different glory at his peak age. At the moment, the odds of him staying look pretty balanced since Juventus managed to secure the Champions League spot in the dying minutes of the season.

We had two similar opinions from two of the writers at Ronaldo.com, saying Ronaldo should try a different league. The star-studded Portuguese has been in Italy since 2018, and it is about time that he conquers yet another major competition in a different country. That being said, if Juve was relegated to Serie B, Cristiano would have stayed, like Alessandro Del Piero. 

However, if Ronaldo wants to keep moving ahead with his career, we think that he should fly to Manchester United or Paris Saint-Germain. Both options look viable and would be interesting to see the Portuguese back at Old Trafford in the Premier League.

Is Koeman the best option for Barcelona?

Barcelona had a disaster of a La Liga campaign, especially during the crucial last phase of the league. They had the chance to top the table surpassing bitter rivals Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. But, despite Koeman’s best attempts to pull the team from what seemed like a poor season, Barca ended up finishing third.

We believe that if the club finished La Liga on good terms, the Dutch boss would have a better argument regarding his managerial position. Moreover, he does not fall under Laporta’s favourite group of people. The Catalan club will have to pay €6 million to Koeman if they let him go. But there are other good options in the market available for the club to explore.

Considering the amount of debt and the financial condition of the club, it will be a difficult decision to make for Barcelona.

Was it a good idea to fire Mourinho?

The sacking of Jose Mourinho was not a shock for several football pundits in the world. Our opinion is quite identical. The Portuguese manager needs to take time off to reinvent himself because he’s been living in the past. He restrained some players during his time at different clubs, and his style of working doesn’t suit this footballing era anymore. 

We think that a lot of players started to hate him at Tottenham as he created a tensive relationship with his brutally honest opinions. As a matter of fact, the season took off well for the north London club, but they gradually declined in performance. Whatever was happening inside the club definitely triggered his departure. Our opinion is that he is not going to do well at Roma until he sorts his ways out and he will probably be kicked out sooner or later.