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Owen labels Barca & Real Madrid as ‘holy grail’ of football

Real Madrid v Galaxy
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Michael Owen has recalled his playing career and insisted that he is delighted how it turned out to be.

After having a few stellar seasons with Liverpool, Michal Owen joined Real Madrid in 2004. Owen, who was one of the Galactico signings made by Florentino Perez, moved back to the Premier League just a year later after being unable to find his feet with Los Blancos.

Recently, Michael Owen suggested that he cherished spending time at the Santiago Bernabeu. The former forward called the Barcelona and Real Madrid as the ‘holy grail’ of football.

The 40-year old, who has had spells at both Man United and Liverpool, said that he had no regrets and would still sign for the Red Devils.

“I’m really pleased I played for Real Madrid, it was an opportunity to try something different,” Michael Owen was quoted by Marca.

“It was the Holy Grail in many ways to go and play for Barcelona or Real Madrid.

“Following that I wished things had been different and I had come back to Liverpool and lived happily ever after. But I would still sign for Manchester United because that was the best option at the time,” Owen claimed.

“I’m not ashamed of what I did despite people wanting me to be ashamed. It was never my dream to play for Stoke, Man United or Newcastle, but that’s where my career took me.”