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‘Ozil criticism is justified because of his big-money Arsenal contract’

Mesut Ozil, Arsenal
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Mesut Ozil deserves all the criticism he gets as his big-money contract at Arsenal doesn’t match his performances, believes Tony Cascarino.

With a salary of £350,000-a-week, Mesut Ozil is up there as one of the highest paid players in the Premier League.

Over to Arsenal, that salary puts him as the club’s top earner and that fact has contributed to the constant criticism the German gets from pundits and fans in general.

Ozil is often criticized for being lackadaisical on the pitch and not having an attitude that ‘matches up’ to his mammoth pay every week.

Recently, Michael Jordan gave athletes a lot to think about when his will to achieve success at all costs was portrayed in his popular Netflix documentary series ‘The Last Dance’.

With that in mind, Tony Cascarino believes Ozil needs similar drive, inspiration and should be doing way more than present considering his huge salary.

“You have to be real on this, because when you pay someone a huge indifferent salary compared to everyone else at a football club, he has to make the difference on the field,” Cascarino said speaking to the Weekend Sports Breakfast .

“So that’s going to come with criticism, as much as you might think it’s unfair and some people think it’s bullying, it carries a price.”

“When you watch The Last Dance and you see how Michael Jordan got more out of a player, you sort of think you wish Arsenal had that type of player to get more out of Mesut Ozil.

“Not just the manager, but a player sitting next to him in the dressing room who might be thinking you’re not doing enough.”

An ex-Arsenal player doesn’t agree with the opinion of Tony Cascarino though.