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Pablo Hernandez aware of Manchester United rivalry

pablo hernandez
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With Leeds set to take on Manchester United in Perth, Pablo Hernandez says that he understands the importance of the match against the club’s bitter rivals.

While it may just be a preseason fixture with nothing at stake, Pablo Hernandez knows that the game between Manchester United and Leeds United is going to be a feisty affairs.

The two teams take on each other in a preseason friendly game in Perth. Leeds United have only 16 players in their squad and are travelling without manager Marcelo Bielsa.

Pablo Hernandez joined Leeds on loan back in 2016 and says that he had no idea how bitter the rivalry was when he first arrived at Elland Road.

“I remember one day I went to Elland Road with red trainers on and somebody told me, “no, no, no, not red here!” so I understand this rivalry,” said Hernandez according to Daily Mail.

The former Swansea man feels that the game between the two teams is important to the fans.

“Obviously it’s a special game for us, for both clubs and for the fans. I think it’s a good moment, a good experience being in Perth and we hope we can enjoy this game. The players, and most importantly the fans.”

“We want to play this game in the Premier League in the future. I think it’s very important for the fans because we want to see this game more times in the future.”

“I’m sure the fans have been waiting for this game for a long time. Not just in England, outside England. I think Leeds is one of the biggest clubs and it’s a big moment for our fans.”

And Pablo Hernandez has also revealed that he texted former teammate Juan Mata once he landed in Perth.

He added: “Yesterday, when I arrived here, I text him and he text me ‘see you Wednesday’.”

“He told me he wants my shirt and I want his shirt. I have a lot of his shirts but I want the new one. He was my team-mate for four years in Valencia and my room-mate and I am happy to play against him.”