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Palace chairman says Zaha deserves to play for a top club

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According to Steve Parish, Ivory Coast winger Wilfred Zaha will leave the club in the future but the team needs to find a replacement first.

Crystal Palace rejected bids for Wilfried Zaha from Arsenal and Everton in the summer transfer window.

But according to the club’s chairman Steve Paris the Ivory Coast winger deserves to play in a “top team.”

“I’m sure it has a happy ending for everybody,” said Parish to the BBC.

“That’s what I want to generate and I’m sure we’ll make that happen.”

He added: “The situation was not right for anybody this summer.”

“We didn’t have a bid of the value we place on the player.”

“I’ve watched him every week for 10 years – he scored the first goal in the first game after we bought the club when he was 16,” he said.

“So there’s even a bit of me that wants to see what he can do at a top club, and I certainly wouldn’t want to be the person who stopped that.”

“I feel he deserves to get there. I hope it happens and sometimes it mystifies me he’s not up there already,” he explained.

“We’re lucky to have him. But if that top club comes along and the money’s right, he’s an extraordinary talent and it’s going to be very difficult for us.”

“Wilfried won’t be here forever, and we must be ready for him to go if he does go. The last day of the transfer window, however, is not going to be it,” Paris concluded.