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Palestine sets sight for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Palestine, FIFA World Cup
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The Palestine national team is hopeful the can qualify for the first FIFA World Cup to be played in the Arab World in 2022.

For Palestine, the road to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar started a few years ago.

¿”It was positive given the goals we had set,” coach Noureddine Ould Ali said to FIFA.

“It was tough, though, as it came right before the beginning of the football season, at a time when nothing’s happening at most clubs. We played four games where we fielded about 15 players.”

“It’s a tough section that includes strong teams and others that have shown a lot of potential in recent competitions, such as Uzbekistan. As for Singapore and Yemen, we will work hard to prepare for them and will not be taking them for granted.”

He added about the Saudi Arabia team: “They picked up a lot of experience at the World Cup and in the Asian Cup qualifiers. We played them twice in 2015 and we’ll be doing what we can to beat them.”

“Uzbekistan has shown that they’re a regional powerhouse, causing a lot of trouble for a number of big sides. Their playing style is also very similar to the European teams.”

“It’s going to be great to play at home in front of our fans, who will give us massive support. We will do our best to get some good results and avoid losing at home,” he commented.

“Uzbekistan has a lot of strengths, but they also have some weaknesses that we need to exploit. Despite the problems we have and the fact that some players aren’t fit yet, we will rely on teamwork to win.”

“We’re aiming to get as many points as we can. We will need to pick up 12 points from our home games to achieve our main aim and make our supporters happy,” he concluded.