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Paolo Maldini closes Donnarumma chapter

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The AC Milan sporting director has said that the club wants to keep Donnarumma at San Siro for many years.

Giangluigi Donnarumma is perhaps the second coming of Gigi Buffon. The youngster hasn’t even reached the age where most keepers start getting first team opportunities. However, his rise has been so phenomenal that he has become the club’s undisputed first-choice. Moreover, Donnarumma is the symbol of the club and what it wants to achieve in the future.

While the likes of Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain have been looking at his profile, Paolo Maldini is not going to allow a sale to happen. The Italy legend sees Donnarumma as a vital part of the team for years to come.

While speaking to Il Milanista, the World Cup winner stated that Donnarumma is going nowhere before adding that they are working hard to help Marco Giampaolo.

“A lot has been said about his importance for Milan, for Italy and football world in general. We have Gigio in the team. The first thing that we have in mind is to keep him for many years. This is our stance right now. Purchases? The market is long, very long. It ends in September. There are priorities indicated by the coach. We will try to satisfy him.”

Marco Giampaolo for his part, is happy with the quality he has at his disposal. Even Suso, who seems not to be the right player for the former Sampdoria coach, will get a chance.

“He is a quality player I like players like him. He dribbles well and has a great personality. Without quality football players you don’t win games. Suso will be evaluated on his form not his position or role.”

Indeed the AC Milan coach is keen to give every player a chance to showcase themselves next season before making a final decision.