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Paqueta is a great signing: Sports lawyer

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Stefano Malvestio is a lawyer who’s involved in many deals between footballers and European clubs, and he admires the Brazilian player

Midfielder Lucas Paqueta will become an AC Milan footballer soon.

And one of the most important sports lawyers in Europe, Stefano Malvestio, has spoken his admiration of the Brazilian youngster.

“I know Paqueta. I have followed him very closely. Despite the young age, I can confirm that he is a level-headed guy,” he told Gianluca Di Marzio.

“For instance, the fact that he’s already married is a detail that holds great importance in Brazil, together with his family.”

“From a technical standpoint, there’s no doubt that he will be a great signing for Milan. He is talented and is very strong. He can score in many ways, headers included,” he added.

Malvestio took his time to discuss the new rules that could come up to football.

“FIFA are discussing new rules to close the gap between big clubs and small ones,” he commented.

“For example, big clubs won’t be allowed to buy 20 or 30 young players, since just a small minority makes it to the first team”.