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Parker: Kane has what it takes

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Former Tottenham Hotspur player Scott Parker praised Harry Kane, saying the striker has what it takes to be the best

The English striker has enjoyed a few stunning seasons and according to Scott Parker, the key to Kane’s performances is his belief.

Parker arrived at Tottenham for two seasons back in August 2011, just a week after Harry Kane made his debut for Spurs.

The 24-year-old subsequently developed during loan spells at Millwall, Norwich and Leicester City.The superstar’s breakthrough period came 3 years after his debut, when Kane made himself a name in 2014-15 as one of the best strikers.

Scott Parker praised the striker, emphasizing how great of a mentality Kane has.

“Obviously, he has unbelievable belief. He is a very humble boy, who understands what he needs to become a professional and World Class footballer,” Parker told GOAL.

“Kane has the drive and ambition to be the best, and always works hard. I’m 100 per cent convinced that is the reason (for his success).”

The Spurs’ forward had over 20 goals in all of the last 3 seasons of the English top-flight, and he already has 8 this year.

Parker returned to Tottenham as the coach of the U18 team, and said he sees a big potential in one of the Spurs’ midfielders.

“I also think Harry Winks has a bright future,” he claimed.

The ex-midfielder also talked about how great young players England have, shown by their performances in the U17 and U20 World Cups.

He said: “The evidence is here. Sometimes people say there are not many English talents, but I don’t agree with that.”

Parker emphasized the importance of playing time, as the young lads need to develop and gain valuable experience.

“England has some of the best talents in the world right now – the only question is to get them into the first team.”