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Parris moves to Lyon to win the Champions League

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The former Manchester City footballer has decided to leave England because she wants to win the European competition.

Nikita Parris has left Manchester City to join Lyon.

And the 25-year-old was clear to say why is she choosing the French team: because she wants to win the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

“They are irresistible because they’re the best,” said Parris to The Guardian.

“Everyone wants to win the Champions League and they consistently win. They’ve won it four times in a row, and six times in total. That’s massive.”

“I just want to be at the best place possible to ensure that I really kick on in my career, that I constantly have challenges, because in football you don’t have long.”

She explained: “It’s easy to become complacent when game time comes so easily and you’re doing so well.”

“Everyone used to say I’m a rising star and I’ve got raw talent, but I really wanted, to be honest, the best.”

“You always second-guess yourself when times become hard but ultimately I’ve stuck with it. My mum, my dad, my brothers, and sisters have been a real support system to kick me on,” Parris commented.

“I have a niece now and it makes me want to be better for her.”

“Just to show that there’s a big wide world outside Toxteth and you can imprint yourself in any one of those places as long as you do the hard work and have the desire,” she concluded.