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Patrick van Aanholt ready to take a knee against Bournemouth

Patrick van Aanholt
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Crystal Palace star Patrick van Aanholt has said that he’s more than ready to take a knee when his side face Bournemouth on June 20.

Patrick van Aanholt will not shy away from taking a stance in support of kicking out racism in all forms.

The football world have shown a united voice of support over the recent death of George Floyd. The likes of Marcus Rashford, Raheem Sterling are some of the Premier League stars to have used their platform to speak out on the issue.

In the Bundesliga, it’s been a joint effort to see sides take a knee before a game and Van Aanholt is ready to do so when Premier League action resumes as well.

The defender says he is left hurt over the death of George Floyd and will continue to show his support and make his stance known however he can.

“I’m not going to lie, I was very upset. To think this is still going on in 2020 is crazy. Why is racism still a conversation in 2020? We are all one. It hurts me. It upsets me.” Van Aanholt told Sky Sports.

Asked whether he’ll take a knee when his side face Bournemouth, the defender added: “I’m prepared to do it, 100 per cent. They’ve done it in Germany and [Premier League] teams have done it in training. We have a platform and as a global sport, we have to come together.”

In exactly a week from now, the Premier League would resume and it won’t be surprising to see a number of players also take a knee before each game.