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Paul Ince advises Coutinho not to mirror Sanchez’ behaviour

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The Brazil international had a rather disappointing summer after a failed transfer to Barcelona.

Liverpool’s midfielder Philippe Coutinho should follow the example of Luis Suarez insists Paul Ince.

The Brazil international was wanted by the Catalans, but the Reds rejected all of their offers, keeping a firm stance that they will not sell the 25-year-old. In the end there was no agreement between the two sides, with Barca’s director Albert Soler claiming that Liverpool were asking €200m for the playmaker.

Despite the failed transfer, Jurgen Klopp admitted he was confident that Coutinho will approach the situation as a professional and will give it 100 % at Liverpool. Former Anfield legend Ince is also hoping the Brazilian would do follow the steps of Luis Suarez – the Uruguayan missed out on a move to Barcelona in 2013, but had an outstanding season with the Reds before finally completing his desired move in 2014. Paul also advised Coutinho not to follow Alexis Sanchez’s example as the Chilean clearly shows his frustration with the club through his negative body language on the pitch.

“Philippe has to try to copy Luis the season after he was told he could not leave,” Ince told the Mail on Sunday.

“One thing about Liverpool fans, as long as Coutinho does things the right way, the fans will still love him.

“They will understand the lure of Barcelona and will not hold it against him, just as long as he does not spend his time moping or show the kind of body language Arsenal fans have occasionally seen from Alexis Sanchez.

“Coutinho does not strike me as that type of player.”